Trials Boots Vs Mx Boots

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There is no specific difference between these boots. It’s all about preference. 

However, Judging by the name “Trials boots”, it is right to say that it is specifically designed for motorcyclists or bikers who ride on objects on the ground to test their capabilities. 

The Mx boots on the other hand can still be used for the same purpose. So, it all depends on what you prefer. 

Some people may say that Trails Boots give them the feel, protection, and comfort they desire for their activity while Mx boots don’t. Some other people may have a different opinion altogether.

But not to worry, at the end of this article, we would be able to know the one suitable for you.

First Glance At Trials Boots

Trials boots Vs MX boots

When you look at this boot, the first thing that comes to mind is the size and length of the boot. These boots are not as heavy as it looks nor are they difficult to put on.

At first glance, you could see that it is made of fine leather that can be cleaned and polished. It has aluminum buckles that can be adjusted to your fit and can also be replaced when you lose them.

More so, it has a safety ankle shield and shaped spin plate that reduces the risk of bruises and injuries which may occur while riding. They protect your feet from the heat that comes out of the motorcycle.

It is specially designed for the safety of your feet and to ensure your comfort when riding. It has a double-density rubber sole that enables you to move your foot around for more flexibility.

It’s designed to protect your foot thoroughly as well as make your foot very comfortable and able to breathe.

Trials boots are not cheap, but the prices vary based on the product size and color. So before you make up your mind to get one for yourself, you have to consider the price.

These boots vary in their support and protection as well as their shapes, sizes, and color which offers you a variety of options to choose from.

It is very important to note that Trials Boots are not water-resistant boots. It is best used in dry seasons or when you won’t encounter a flood.

Its prices range from $278 and above;

First Glance At Mx Boot

Trials boots Vs mx boots

At first glance, you’d notice that Mx boots look like the Trial boots and it has the same properties.

Mx boots have a shin plate, toe box, and calf guard which gives the rider full protection. It has adjustable and unique buckles that help secure your foot.

More so, it has a high-density rubber sole with an internal steel shank that makes your foot balance on the foot peg.

Mx boots are used off-road, which means it is more suitable to operate on public-free roads. It helps prevent your feet from getting severe bruises or injuries.

They have an internal lace that fits around the ankle for safety. It is also suitable for adventurous riding.

Mx boots are designed with your safety in mind because their properties help to reduce the risk of your feet sustaining severe injuries and bruises.

Because it has a regular sole, it best suits track riders who take their foot on and off the foot peg all the time.

It also varies in different sizes, shapes, and colors to suit your preference.

As unique as these boots are, they are stiff to walk in but it is advisable to try them out as they may get flexible with time.

It is about 15 inches long and it’s not a waterproof boot. So there is no guarantee that it would last as long as you intend if it always comes in contact with water.

Its prices vary depending on the size, color, and shape. You can get it at $124 and above.

Comparison Proper

Trials Boots Vs Mx Boots

  • Construction 
  • Quality 
  • Comfort Level 
  • Prices 
  • Fit/Sizing 
  • Silhouette

At this level, bear in mind that the sole aim of this article is to ascertain the boot that is better in use than the other. I’d be comparing the construction, Quality, Comfort Level, price, Fit/Sizing, and silhouette of the two boots.


Before you purchase any boot of your choice, it is important to understand its components because it will help you understand its usage and why it suits your activity.

Trails boots are made with fine, oil-treated Italian leather that allows comfort and plenty of movement which ensures flexibility. It gives you the feel and comfort of normal leather footwear. With a well-shaped spin plate with ventilation pockets.

The buckles on the boots are put in place to make you more comfortable because they could be adjusted in case you feel it’s too tight or too loose.

It has soft polymer padding and foam that ensures your feet are comfortable and relaxed.

Its soles are constructed in such a way that it grips slippery obstacles and prevents you from falling. 

It is expensive because it is made of quality materials you can trust.

Mx boots, on the other hand, are also made of quality materials like metal toes which resist abrasion, and their soles are fine for a grip on the tarmac. It is more suited for adventure riding.

Moreover, it has a spin plate, toe box, and calf guards constructed to give you full coverage and a wide range of fitness and comfort. Its internal lace gives your ankle pr action.

It has a lightweight upper that is combined with suede leather and a lightweight microfiber designed to impact and resist abrasion. Its enhanced traction on the outsole provides additional grip in various road conditions.


The dual quality of these boots depends on the brand. You would not know if something is of good quality when you’ve not tried it out yourself.

Moreover, seeing all that they are made of, you can tell that these boots are made of high-quality materials specifically crafted for your protection, comfort, and feel.

Another way you could know if they are of good quality is when someone recommends them to you.

Trials boots and Mx boots were designed for your protection, feel, and comfort, which means they are quantity products because it is only quality boots that ensure your safety that much.

If these boots are not quality boots, the responsibility of making sure you’re not badly injured won’t rest on them. If you’ve read through these articles thoroughly you would be convinced that it has your best interest at heart.

Trials boots and Mx boots were not designed to resist water or withstand heavy down for hours. In other words, It can last as long as you want it to, provided you don’t expose it to water.

Your ability to feel secure in them should be enough proof that it is of good quality.

Comfort Level

Nobody would want to buy boots that would not give them the comfort they desire. Imagine the discomfort you get when the shoe you’re putting on hurts and gives you bruises, you would not hesitate to look for an alternative immediately.

So, comfort is more important than anything else when it comes to purchasing a boot for yourself. 

The boot that would give you that comfort you need is Trials Boot because it gives you the feel of normal leather footwear. It is not stiff to walk in and it allows your foot to walk freely on foot pegs.

It also allows your feet to get some fresh air because it has a well-shaped spin plate with ventilation pockets. 

More so, it protects against harsh weather and it’s an excellent sports boot that can also be used for adventure riding.

Mx boots on the other hand are good boots but not as comfortable as Trails boots because of their structure. It is stiff to walk on but may get more flexible with continuous usage.

It is designed with metal toes which may cause discomfort if the boots are too tight.


The prices of these boots vary in product, size, and color. Trials boots cost more than Mx boots, not because it is more important, but because they are different brands.

You can get trial boots at $278 and above, that’s expensive, right? This is because of the product and the materials used for the construction. They put in a lot of effort to ensure you get the feel, protection, and comfort you need.

Mx boots are not so expensive, and this is not because it is not of good quality, but because It’s a different brand. You can find Mx boots for as low as $144 and above.

You must note that Mx boots are cheaper than Trials boots not because they cannot serve you or ensure the protection of your foot. It depends on the brand.

These two boots have their role to play and suit your preferred choice. You might find Mx boots comforting while some other person may think otherwise.

So our preferences differ from other people. It doesn’t make you right or wrong. It just depends on how you want the boots to serve you.


Just as your protection, feel and comfort is important to you, the fit and size of the boots are also very important.

No matter how good the boots are, if it doesn’t give you the fitting and size you need, you would not be comfortable putting them on.

The fitting and size of Trials boots and Mx boots all depend on their brand.

Once you make sure that you’re purchasing them from a good brand, then there’s nothing to worry about.

When purchasing these boots, you should know that the fitting and size of the boots differ. So, if you are unsure how to find the right fitting and size, you can go through the product’s description. It will help you know the right fitting and size for you.

Trials boots and Mx boots are true to size and fitting as long as you’re getting them from a good brand.


When it comes to how these boots look, they were not designed to be your everyday footwear just like the normal foot wears you move about daily with. It is not designed with fashion in mind.

They are specifically meant to give you the protection, feel and comfort you need when riding your motorcycle.

However, with different brands producing these boots, you’re more likely to find fashionable Trials boots and Mx boots you could wear that suit your function.

But, judging by how Trials boot is designed, one may feel comfortable putting them on for a purpose outside biking. It looks more like what you could wear out because it is produced with Italian leather just like a normal shoe.  

Mx boots on the other hand are stiff to walk on and it has metal toes which may cause you discomfort. So it might not be considered something you could wear to a function.

Final Verdict(Which Is Better?)

Having read through this article so far, bearing in mind the purpose of each boot, I could guess what your answer would be.

However, if comfort is what you desire, then Trials boot is meant for you.

Not minding how expensive it is, it would give you all that you desire in a boot.

Trials boots are constructed in such a way that you would feel like you’re putting on your normal leather shoes because of their fine-oiled Italian leather.

They are both true to size and fit depending on the brands you buy them from. Trials boots look better than  Mx boots and it has a more comfortable feel.

Mx boots are cheaper to purchase than Trials boots so if you cannot afford Trials boots and you’re looking for a quality boot that would serve you the purpose why you purchased it. Mx boots are another good option for you.


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