Tricker's vs Crockett and Jones Shoes

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A lot of us have been craving some really good shoes from the Northampton county of London, which has seen the birth of more dress shoes than any other location in the world.

Tricker’s and Crockett & Jones shoes are prime pioneers in this development which has been on for over 100years. From dressy shoes to casual staples, these brands have not relented in stepping up their game.

Certain distinctions put these brands of shoes aside and this article will be looking at these differences. In essence, I will be comparing these two shoe brands and hopefully help you to form your purchasing choice in the end.

Differences between Tricker’s and Crockett & Jones Shoes

The prime dissimilarity which stands between Tricker’s and Crockett & Jones is a matter of their aesthetic and overall outlook.

I took my time to dabble with these shoes before writing this review and I am convinced that Tricker’s are more chunky, at least I’m in sync with the views of many others who have had the chance to examine the shoes.

These shoes come heavily brogued that you start to think if they invented the style, or is there a shortage of inspiration on the part of their creatives?

They are made to have thick soles and a hard-wearing aesthetic, which is quite different from Crockett and Jones shoes which are more of a simple, plain, and sleeker pair of shoes.

The sleek feature of Crockett and Jones shoes makes them preferable to be worn with suits than Tricker’s brogued pair, which looks too dressy for a formal outfit.

Did you know that Crockett and Jones’s shoes are more expensive than Tricker’s?

Yes, price is another difference between these shoes, and Crockett and Jones’s shoes have it under their belt. Although the difference in market value is not much, Crockett and Jones get a slightly higher spot than the Trickers shoe.

Another difference existing between these shoes is that Tricker’s shoes are more mass-produced than the Crockett & Jones shoes.

I linked the reason for this downturn in production to the low workforce and the intense craftiness leading to each shoe. Their scarcity earns them the bespoke tag, although they are not entirely bespoke.

Another differential fact is that Crockett and Jones are built narrower, while the Tricker’s has a construction that supports wide feet folks.

This difference in construction is a result of the type of last used in the insole, which is responsible for shaping the feet in a shoe.

Review of Tricker’s Shoes

Tricker's vs Crockett and Jones Shoes

History brims with respect and accolades for men who looked into the future and this can be said for most of the minds behind the establishment of Tricker’s shoes.

Joseph Tricker, who at the young age of 19 was a master shoemaker and found Tricker’s shoes was already running his own shoe company. R.E. Tricker & Co. is a company established by young Tricker and it was founded in 1829.

Tricker’s is respected in the circle of shoe production for envisioning a modern world of footwear and takes the credit for founding the first and longest-standing shoemaking company in England.

The company has had its fair share of managerial transitions, which started with being headed by Walter James Barltrop (born 1840), after the demise of Tricker. Barltrop was Tricker’s son-in-law and had a passion for footwear, having made a modern boot at the age of seven.

The train continued till it arrived at Ernest Raymond Barltrop (born 1869), who was the son of Walter Barltrop.

Ernest’s leadership saw the purchase of the Goodyear welting machine to the Tricker’s factory and in 1904 it opened its first factory to the public in North Hampton, London.

Tricker's vs Crockett and Jones Shoes

The active personality of Ernest Barltrop led to a massive upward conversion of the Tricker’s shoes which resulted in its popularity.

It is one of the few old shoemakers that survived the downturn in British shoe-making history which lasted between 1970-the and 2000s.

The Tricker’s shoes are best known for their heavy country shoes and boots, with massive brogues and a very obvious feature of a wingtip detailing on the tip of the toe.

Tricker’s shoes are high-end quality shoes that are crafted from well-tanned leather and experienced shoemakers that are working based on the skill set passed down to them through generations.


  • 100% leather.
  • Good pick for wide-footed men.
  • Vintage embellishment designs.
  • Made from quality materials.
  • Carefully crafted by seasoned and experienced shoemakers.


  • Hard to break in.
  • Excessive brogue designs.
  • On the higher end.
  • Unfitting for narrow-footed folks.

Review of Crockett and Jones Shoes

Tricker's vs Crockett and Jones Shoes

As a continual progression and in a bid to upscale competition in the Northhampton shoe-producing area, the Crockett and Jones shoes were created.

The shoe company was established by two brothers-in-law, Charles Jones, and Sir James Crockett. The duo was able to set up their business with a grant gotten from Thomas White Trust, a renowned English mayor of the time.

Just like most shoe-producing companies founded as back as the 1800s, Crockett and Jones experienced a fair division of downturns and evolution.

The evolution started with the first generation of both founders who continued the family enterprise, moving through the second, third, fourth, and fifth generations which now handle the business.

This period of revolution and modernization saw the inclusion and rise of great minds from the family who did their bidding to make sure the family business remained standing.

Its first factory was opened in Perry Street, Northampton, and has remained such till date earning it an iconic certification from the British Government.

Tricker's vs Crockett and Jones Shoes

They started the Crockett and Jones shoes as just a men’s boots and shoe production. Its shoes are made with the Goodyear welting method of shoe production, which solidifies the welt of a shoe, making it formidable.

However, the Crockett and Jones shoe offers 3 different collections for men, namely the Hand Grade collection, the Main collection, and the Shell Cordovan collection, while it has a limited range of low-heeled shoes and boots for women.

Some of the types of shoes offered by Crockett and Jones include Oxford shoes, Penny loafers, Derby shoes, and even Brogue shoes.


  • 100% leather.
  • Sleek designs.
  • Designer shoes.
  • Made to last.
  • Easy to break in.
  • Great for narrow-footed folks.


  • On the higher end.
  • The last structure is not good for wide-footed persons.
  • Less availability, due to few productions.

Head-to-Head Comparison of Tricker’s and Crockett & Jones Shoes

This is the part where I get to bring out all the facts and prejudice about the Tricker’s shoes and those from Crockett and Jones. I will build my scale of comparison on the following points.

Tricker's vs Crockett and Jones Shoes

Design and Style

The subject of style between Tricker’s and Crockett and Jones shoes is a competitive one. This is because both shoes are made from the inspiration of the English fashion heritage, which is rich in elegance and resounding aesthetics.

Both variants of shoes share a similar style as they were established during the same era and understand the English shoe production space.

When it comes to design, things get a bit different, as Tricker’s shoes have a bolder approach than Crockett and Jones.

Their shoes are sights to behold, given their chunky soled appearance, over-brogued upper, finely tanned leather, and heavyweight.

Tricker's vs Crockett and Jones Shoes

They are a better pair for making a fashion statement, little wonder they were commissioned as a shoemaker for the Royal Family.

Crockett and Jones, on the other hand, are everything the Tricker’s shoes are not. Simple, sleek, dressy, fairly stylish, and essentially lightweight.

Tricker's vs Crockett and Jones Shoes

Their shoe collection contains brogue shoes like Tricker’s but that is not their known staple, rather they are known for Sleek dress Oxford shoes with low heels and plain design.


Leather is the primary material used in the production of both Tricker’s and Crockett and Jones’s shoes. It is used bountifully on the upper lining, insole, and last.

This makes the shoe a standard staple to look at, with a leather material that says a lot about its quality.

Nevertheless, few Tricker’s shoes are made with leather upper and a rubber sole. This is a step in ensuring sustainability in the production of shoes.

The lasts used by Tricker’s are sourced from Spring Line company, while the leather is brought in as hides of animals and tanned by the company.

Build Quality

This factor relates to how solid the production process of the shoes is. What is their standard of production? To answer the question, I will like to explain to you that these shoes didn’t start existing yesterday.

So, if any of them had a problem with the build quality, It must have been resolved all these years. And that’s what makes them high-end shoes because they are close to flawless.

The build quality of these shoes is superb, judging from how long they have been in the industry and the name and the standard they have maintained all these years.

They certified the Tricker’s shoes with a Royal Warrant in 1989 to make shoes for the Royal Family and it says a lot about their build quality.

Crockett and Jones, on the other hand, have been worn multiple times by a performing British actor, Daniel Craig in the James Bond series. Their adoption by a celebrity also augments their solidity in production.

Construction and Stitching

Just like most dress shoes of English roots, Tricker’s and Crockett & Jones shoes are built using the oldest and most efficient shoe production method, the Goodyear welting formula.

The system developed by Charles Goodyear Jnr became the standard used in welting dress shoes in the Northampton area which is likely why it was also adopted by Tricker’s and Crockett and Jones shoes.

Tricker's vs Crockett and Jones Shoes

The process leads to the production of high-quality shoes as it offers breathability, durability, water resistance, and also the avenue of resoling the shoes when they wear out.

They stitch the outsole of both shoes using a concealing style, leaving no visible thread running through the under-part of the shoes. This method of stitching further proves the luxury status of these shoes, as most high-end shoes are stitched in the same way.


The characteristics of high-quality shoes exceed build quality or design but extend to the price tag placed on them. It is no doubt that both of these shoes are high-end, and as such, priced above a lot of shoes.

Tricker’s shoes are priced above $250 for a starting price, while Crockett and Jones go a tad more up in price than the Tricker’s.

This price tag placed on these shoes is understandable because these shoes are worth the price and are sure a good investment for you to make.


Looking for shoes that will outlast your regular dress shoe? Search no more because the Tricker’s and Crockett and Jones shoes are built to survive years of wear. They are durable and won’t give up so easily.

There are barely any cases of split soles or inferior leather reported against these shoes because, instead of throwing them away, the Goodyear welt system allows for resoling.

Final Verdict

I would normally sit on the fence when it comes to choosing a better shoe to invest my money in between these shoes, but my picky mind begs to differ.

I love versatility, sleekness and a style laced with a subtle design.

Now you know where I’m driving, right? My verdict marks out the Crockett and Jones shoes as a better shoe to invest your money in.

My decision does not discredit the validity of the Tricker’s shoes because they are good, but the excessive embellishment is what alters the likeness for me.


There are many options to pick from in the circle of English-inspired dress shoes, but the better choice would always be the best quality and style.

Tricker’s and Crockett & Jones’ shoes body these features with so a good deal of magnificence and they are one of the best picks of shoes out there.

Notwithstanding, my choice between them might resonate with your view but if it doesn’t you still have the willpower to choose the one that best describes your personality and style.


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