Vans Atwood Vs Era

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Vans started creating these elegant shoes in 1970, and since then has created new styles, added colors, improved comfort and continues to stay in vogue.

Their shoes feature a sleek and sporty silhouette that is also great to match with a casual outfit. In addition, the Vans shoes are the favorites of skateboarders and are also the choice of many for their 90s-inspired look. 

If you’re a loyal fan of Vans, then you would be familiar with their many designs from mid-tops to low-top sneakers. The Atwood and Era are one of Vans’ famous low-top sneakers. 

The Atwood and Era are classic models from Vans that share similar look and design. These shoes feature excellent constructions that offer durability and comfort.

What’s more, they’re versatile shoes that are coveted by skateboarders and also loved by fashion icons.

However, deciding the best shoe for you can prove a herculean task knowing they look similar and share similar functions. So, what makes these shoes different? Which offers better quality? Which of them should you buy? 

What Are The Major Differences Between Vans Atwood and Era?

The major dissimilarity between the Vans Atwood and Vans Era is in the construction. The Vans Atwood has a sturdy appearance because of the added padding at the collar and tongue while the Era appears more narrowed and slim. 

Also, the Atwood is a more recent design from Vans. It was upgraded in 2012 with few modifications to improve its appearance. On the other hand, Vans Era was first designed in 1976. It was first called the Vans 95 and was the first shoe created for skateboarding.

Let’s see what we get at first glance from these shoes.

First Impression

Vans Atwood

  • Canvas upper
  • Chunky appearance
  • Double stitching
  • Thick tongues
  • Thick collars
  • Vans label
  • Rubber waffle outsoles
  • Eyelets and laces

The Vans Atwood are low-top sneakers designed for skating and are also suitable for casual wear. These shoes feature a smooth canvas material at the upper and are double stitched to ensure the shoes stay put.

The Vans Atwood appear heavy in appearance because of the very thick tongue and added padding at the collar. In addition, the tongue is joined to the upper of the shoe. The Vans name can be found on a label close to the eyelets, on the heel, and the insole. 

Furthermore, Vans Atwood are made with a rubber outsole with a waffle design. They have eyelets and laces for closure which can be adjusted to suit you more perfectly. Also, they come in different designs and colors.  

Vans Era

  • Canvas upper
  • Narrow fit
  • Double stitching
  • Padded tongue
  • Padded collar
  • Rubber waffle outsole
  • Vans label
  • Eyelets and laces 

The Vans Era are beautiful low-top sneakers that are excellent for skateboarding. The low-top design makes them an excellent match for your jeans and shorts. These shoes feature a canvas upper with double stitching for better strength.

In addition, the tongue and collars are padded but they’re not very thick. Also, the shoes have a narrowed design that is best suited for people with slim feet. Looking closely, you will also find the Vans label close to the eyelets. This labeling can also be found on the heel and insole. 

Furthermore, the Vans Era feature a lightweight rubber outsole with a waffle pattern. The eyelets and laces are for a more close-fitting. They are made in a variety of styles and colors. Some designs are made with a combination of canvas and suede for the upper.

Let’s get into the comparison of the Vans Atwood and Vans Era. A comparison is important as these shoes bear a similar design. This comparison will help you make your choice of the two.

What Are the Comparisons Between Vans Atwood and Vans Era?

Vans Atwood Vs Era

I will be doing a comparison between Vans Atwood and Era on the following features:

  • Upper
  • Stitching
  • Outsole
  • Construction
  • Build quality
  • Insole
  • Price
  • Style
  • Size and fitting
FeaturesVans AtwoodVans Era
UpperDurable canvas material Durable canvas and suede material
StitchingDouble-stitching for increased durabilityDouble-stitching for increased durability
OutsoleDurable and vulcanized waffle rubber outsoleVery durable  and vulcanized waffle rubber outsole
ConstructionConstructed with a canvas upper, Eva midsole, and rubber outsoleConstructed with a canvas upper, Eva midsole, and rubber outsole
Build qualityGood build and lesser quality than Vans EraExcellent build and quality
InsoleThe insole is glued to the shoeThe insole is attached to the shoe
PriceBetween $47-$100Between $50-$119
Style Low-top and sporty casualLow-top and sporty casual
Size and FittingRuns wideRuns narrow


Vans Atwood Vs Era

Canvas is the popular material used to design Vans shoes. The Vans Atwood are also included. These shoes feature a sleek canvas upper. The uppers are built with breathability in mind. The toe is wide enough to accommodate large feet. Also, it’s connected to the tongue of the shoes.

The Vans Era are also constructed with a durable canvas upper. Some designs, for example the Skate Classics are available in canvas and suede uppers. The uppers are more streamlined and are best for narrow feet. The shoe upper is also joined to the tongue.


Vans signature double-stitch is also employed in the Vans Atwood. Looking at the upper of the shoes, you will see the double-lined stitching with excellent detailing. 

The Vans Era also features well-detailed double stitching. This is to add strength to the shoes as they withstand a lot of stress during skateboarding. 


Vans Atwood Vs Era

The Vans Atwood are constructed with rubber outsoles. The soles bear a waffle pattern. The soles are a bit bulky, adding to the weight of these shoes. However, they’ve got an excellent grip on the skateboard or any surface. 

The Vans Era shoes also feature a rubber outsole with a waffle pattern. They also have excellent grip and are great for skateboarding. 

The rubber outsole of the Vans Atwood and Era are vulcanized, a technology employed by Vans for most of their rubber soles. In this process, the rubber sole is heated to enhance the flexibility and durability before it’s then glued to the upper.

However, the Vans Era have a more durable outsole. Skateboarders attest to this, as they hold up more than the Vans Atwood. Moreover, they’ve got a lighter construction. 


The Vans Atwood are constructed with skateboarders in mind. The low-top sneakers are built to offer comfort, style, and performance. The shoe upper consists of a breathable canvas material that will give the best of comfort during performance.

The eyelets also help bring air into the shoes to keep your feet from sweating. In addition, these shoes have extra padding on the tongue and collar which offers more cushioning and of course better comfort. The glued insoles are comfortable.

Also, the Eva midsole offers enough support and balance. The Vans Atwood are characterized by a wider inner and are great for wide feet. This wide and deep construction makes the Vans Atwood suitable to accommodate an extra insole. You can add an orthotic insole if you wish.

Furthermore, the Vans Atwood features the Vans vulcanized rubber construction on the outsole. This heating process ensures the shoe holds up more during hard-wearing. The waffle pattern increases grip on any surface.

In the same vein, the Vans Era are a great choice for skateboarding. The simple sneakers have maintained the same construction for years with improved comfort and durability. The breathable upper is a feature of the canvas material.

The metal eyelets contribute to breathability also. In addition, the collar and tongue offer cushioning with the pad, but they’re not as thick as the Atwood.  Also, the midsole supports the feet adequately.

The insoles of these shoes are glued to the shoes and yet cushion the feet properly. The Skates Classic Era have been upgraded with a POPCUSH sockliner insole for more cushioning and shock absorption.

The Vans Era are constructed with a more streamlined structure that offers a more snug fitting. The waffle patterned rubber outsole is grippy and very durable. The lightweight construction is more supportive and grips the feet more tightly during skating. Also, the Eras go through the same vulcanized process for increased durability. 

The Vans Atwood and Era shoes both have durable construction, but I prefer that of the Era. They’re lighter in weight and the outsole is more durable. 

Build quality

The build quality of the Vans shoes is one of the features keeping these shoes the favorites of many. The Vans Atwood are designed with the same great attention. The canvas upper is great. However, comparing these shoes with the Vans Era, the upper doesn’t match the quality.

Customers have observed that they don’t hold up quite well. The double-stitching however, helps keep these shoes durable. And depending on your usage, they may last for a good time. Still, the Vans Atwood offer more comfort as they feature a thicker tongue and collar that are relaxing for the feet.

The rubber outsole of these shoes is grippy, but they don’t hold up for long. They detach more quickly, especially using them for hard tricks while skating. 

The Vans Era is made from premium material and is more durable than the Atwood. It can withstand hard wearing and harsh conditions. The canvas material has more strength and is long-lasting. Also, the rubber outsole has better durability and is more reliable for skating.

They hold up well. However, with the streamlined structure, they’re not suitable for those with wide feet. Also, the collar doesn’t offer much comfort like the Vans Atwood.

Generally, the Vans Atwood and Era are great shoes, but the Era outmatch the Atwood in build quality. 


Vans Atwood Vs Era

The Vans Atwood have a soft insole that offers comfort for skating and casual activities. They cushion the feet. 

The Vans Era also feature a soft footbed that’s great for the feet. 

Both the Vans Atwood and Era have their insoles glued to the shoe. However, they’re a little thin and may not offer enough cushioning that you need. Though the insoles are glued, you can rip them off and add your preferable insole. The Vans Atwood are deep enough to accommodate an extra insole without ripping the original off.


The Vans shoes are not highly-priced. They fall within the mid-range and are quite affordable. Vans Atwood sells between $47-$100. You can purchase Vans Atwood here Vans Atwood

The Vans Era sells between $50-$119. You can purchase Vans Era here Vans Era

Both the Vans Atwood and Era prices are controlled by sellers and so will differ across retail stores and outlets.


Vans Atwood is sporty casual sneakers. They’re great both as simple casual and business casual. In addition, the sneakers’ low-top style makes them great for jeans and khakis. 

Vans Era features the same sporty casual look. They’re also available in low-top designs.

The Vans Atwood and Era are both versatile sneakers that will serve you well. In addition, they give you a feel of the 90s.

Size and Fitting

Vans Atwood is very wide. The shoes offer a wide fit, and you should go half a size down to get the best feel while skateboarding. But, if you prefer the wide fit, no problem. However, they don’t offer the best grip on skateboards.

The Vans Era is proudly narrow. These shoes have a narrow structure that hugs the feet very closely. Going a size up may be better for people with wide feet. 

Final Verdict

I’m sure you’ve seen your choice by now. The Vans Era is better in build and quality. So, I would go for the Vans Era for their lightweight construction, stronger canvas material, and snug fit.

However, if you love the extra cushioning the Vans Atwood offers with their thicker tongue and collar, you may buy both shoes. You have to use the Atwood less for skating. 


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