Vans Doheny Vs Authentic

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From a distance, it would seem as though there is no significant difference between the Vans Doheny and Vans Authentic sneakers.

If you are torn between these two models, choosing which is worth your investment would seem difficult since they have a similar lace-up design, they are both slip-resistant, comfortable for skating & off-board activities, and feature equal sizing system advantage & waterproof uppers.

However, you should consider the Vans Doheny if you’re strictly interested in the option with good quality and versatility for the summer. On the other hand, Vans Authentic is the best buy for a more athletic purpose since they are more suitable for everyday wear and activities like hiking.

How am I able to recommend this buying decision?

I was able to purchase both shoes, place them side by side, and wore each separately for an extended period.

Vans Doheny Vs Authentic: The Ultimate Guide to Best Buy

Vans Doheny Vs Authentic: The Comparison

If you have to choose between buying Vans Doheny or Vans Authentic, focus on these areas for a better comparison to know which of these footwear is actually worth your money:

Vans Doheny Vs Authentic: Upper design

The upper of Vans Doheny is made of canvas upper, whereas that of Authentics is made of canvas and study and suede which means that the latter will require more maintenance.

 Still, on the obvious, Doheny is designed without any leather heel cap, as opposed to the Authentics which features a leather heel cap for

Vans Doheny Vs Authentic: Weight

The weight is one of the significant aspects of these two styles when you make a comparison. The weight of Vans Authentic is not as heavy as that of Vans Doheny which makes the former a better choice in this regard.

In a similar vein, I have also observed that the Vans Doheny has a less skinny shape which makes it a great choice for people with wide feet. On the contrary, Vans Authentic has a skinnier profile.

Vans Doheny Vs Authentic: Padding

There is liberal use of padding in Vans Authentics. The padding details of the Authentics are enough for improved comfort if you’d spend time in these shoes, unlike the Vans Doheny where there is limited use of padding for competitive cushioning.

Vans Doheny Vs Authentic: Design

If you pay close attention to these two shoes, you’d observe that Vans Authentics has angular stitching in the front which is not present in the Doheny vans. Of course, this detail contributes to the edge that Authentics has over Doheny in the area of aesthetics.

Vans Doheny Vs Authentic: Usage

When comparing both shoes, we also need to look at the vast difference in what they are individually suited for. Vans Doheny is best suited for casual outfit style but will not perform well like the Authentics in areas of skateboarding, hiking, running, and related activities.

Why should I buy Vans Doheny?

Vans Doheny was introduced to the market around 2009 and quickly became the talk of the town because of the West Coast style, beloved by California locals, becoming a must-have for many skaters and fashion lovers.

The wide sizing coverage for most foot sizes and shapes is one good reason to consider the Vans Doheny. In addition, the shoe boasts excellent shoe protection and holds up for a long time which you may not see in most vans creations when compared.

Although the Doheny is slip-resistant, it is also flexible and features mesh inserts that provide breathability. Those who love being spoiled with choices of color when choosing footwear would also be drawn to the Doheny.

Meanwhile, it is necessary to admit that the Doheny may require a long time to break in and doesn’t appear to be a good choice for those who engage in hikes and runs.

There are many reasons to choose the Doheny, but features like enough padding and weight aren’t among them.

Why should I Buy Vans Authentic?

The timelessness of Vans Authentics is seemingly what makes the footwear remain part of pop culture for over ten years.

If you are thinking of buying Authentics over other Vans styles, it would most likely be because you need a shoe that will help in comfort for long-standing hours.

Another reason why you’d want to consider the authentics is the breathable canvas fabric, convenient laces length, and most significantly, the ComfyCush Authentics for those with higher arches.

On the flip side, you may want to run from Authentics if you are a fashion-forward person because it has a minimal design. Also, just like the Doheny, it takes some time to break in.

If you are big on versatility, this may not be your best buy.

Final remark

If you pay close attention to the comparison in the above article, you will realize that Vans Doheny is a great choice if versatility is what you prioritize buying Vans shoes. But if you want something that will be rugged particularly for running and hiking, Vans Authentics is the best bet.

But it doesn’t end there.

You may not make a satisfactory purchase if you buy Vans authentic for casual outings. Choose Doheny instead. However, when it comes to athletic activities, Vans Authentic is the best choice among the two styles.

The bottom line is if you need the sneaker that will hold up much longer for everyday use and rough handling,

Vans Authentic is a better choice than Vans Doheny. Whereas the latter will do well if you need a shoe for any leisurely summer activity.

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