Vans Era vs Atwood

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What have you heard about the Vans line of shoes? I hope it was a positive commentary because the brand has never stopped putting smiles on the faces of comfy shoe lovers.

With its simple yet classic designs, series and construction, they are continually creating a formidable name for themselves and equally set up a standard for any other brand which chose to contend with them.

Their shoes are known for their wide range of comfort and flexibility, a factor that made the brand a commoner among skateboarders.

In this article, I will have two different collections of the Vans shoe brand, weighed on my scale of comparison. These two series are the Vans Era and the Vans Atwood collection of Vans shoes.

Major Difference between the Vans Era and Atwood

Vans shoes sometimes confuse buyers, due to how similar they look. The design and silhouette tend to look alike, but there are also distinct discrepancies that you can find between any of the shoes offered by Vans.

The same phenomenon applies to the Vans Era and Atwood collection of shoes. The major difference which I will point out between these two shoes is the production material.

While the Era shoes are made from materials like leather and suede, the Atwood takes after another series of the Vans shoe, known as the Authentic, which is made from cotton canvas.

Vans Era vs Atwood

Likewise, the difference in foot comfort and feel is another notable disparity between these two shoes. While Era is produced with detail for more cushioning in the footbed, the Atwood lacks this feature.

This puts the Era ahead of the comfort and consequently makes it more preferred by customers too.

Notwithstanding, if you are looking for super lightweight shoes from Vans, I believe the Atwood is your best bet. On the other hand, the Era series lacks such crucial detail.

Vans Era Review

Known as one of the sleek shoes from the stables of Van, the Era (originally known as #95) series of shoes is a sequel to the Van Authentic, which were the first to be made and sold to the public.

You wouldn’t mind knowing more about the Vans brand, would you? Well, Vans shoe brand was birthed in 1966 by brothers Paul Doren and Jim Van Doren, together with partners Gordon Lee and Serge Delia.

They were renowned back then for their modus operandi of producing shoes in the store and selling it in the same shop afterward.

The Vans brand has a big recognition in the American skating community, due to the impact of their shoes in ensuring a comfortable and smooth ride.

Vans Era vs Atwood

However, the Vans Era shoes themselves were developed and designed around 1976, by skateboarding legends Tony Alva and Stacy Perata.

And this made it a forerunner shoe for most skaters, as it redefines comfort and ease, which are two factors that determine a good ride.

The shoe features a nice foot silhouette and evident extra padding on the ankle and footbed for added comfort. They are affordable and are equal to the price ratio in quality.

To a larger extent, the Vans Era shoes topple the Vans Authentic (formerly known as the #44) and equally any other Vans shoe in that respect because of the use of leather and suede in its production.

This is because the original cotton canvas is used, instead of leather in the production of the other shoes.


  • Breathable shoe upper.
  • Padded ankle collar, for added comfort.
  • Very good for skateboarding.
  • Durable leather/suede canvas.


  • Tend to be hard to remove stains.
  • Zero waterproof feature; not your ideal shoes for winter or walking on damp floors/muck.
  • Zero stain resistant.
  • Hard to break in outsoles.

Vans Atwood Review

The Vans Atwood collection of shoes is just another shoe from Vans, which takes the same design and style as the Vans Era, but seems to be a complete replica of the Vans Authentic shoes in design.

The outlook of these shoes gives it off as an option for sneakerheads if you are into shoes made in the minimalist feature.

They come after the Vans Authentic and Vans Era sneakers have already sold out, which paved way for them to break into the market effortlessly.

They also represent Van’s standard of shoes which is comfort and quality, while presenting its unique features.

Vans Era vs Atwood

Furthermore, the Vans Atwood sneakers have three (3) different styles, namely the high, low, and mid styles. It all depends on the one you find fancy, which will make your purchase worthwhile.

In addition to this, the Vans Atwood shoes are very affordable that you begin to imagine if they are truly from a renowned brand like Vans.

They are available in attractive colors, with breathable canvas, and grippy soles and are comfortable even after long hours of wearing. You can style the shoes with shorts, short shorts or skinny jeans.


  • Good for long-distance walking.
  • Breathable fabric.
  • Durable lace-up closure with metal eyelets.
  • Ideal for narrow feet.
  • Super lightweight.
  • Very affordable.


  • It can be hard to break in.
  • Substandard rubber sole easily gets detached.
  • Not water-resistant.

Head-to-Head Comparison between Vans Era and Atwood Shoes

Vans Era vs Atwood

In the preceding lines of this article, I will compare and contrast these two shoes from the stables of the Vans shoe brand.

Both are as good as the look and are commonly seen worn by skaters, due to the height of comfort which it affords them during skateboarding.

Here I will be dissecting the very core of these shoes, so that you can get an understanding of how well they are made and also which piece to take home when next you visit the store.

I will base my comparison between the Vans Era and Atwood shoes, on the following factors;

Vans Era vs Atwood: Design and Style

The design pattern of the Vans shoe explores simplicity and a rugged look, even in its frontline sneaker Vans Era. While the Vans Era and Vans Atwood are both Van’s products, suffice to say that they are similar in style.

But their design differs from the production materials to the finishing and then the unique features. The style of most Vans shoes is sporty, casual, and comfy, while their design reflects a long line of skateboarding culture embedded in it.

Vans Era vs Atwood

The style of both the Vans Era and Vans Atwood shoes reflect an unchanging trend in the skateboarding circle. One which has lived on and stood the taste of time, and is certainly still sought after even though it has slipped into the mainstream as go-to casual footwear.

While the Vans Era has more concrete design aesthetics, the Atwood on the other hand is an average product compared to it.

It features a well-padded collar around the ankle while sharing a resemblance with the Atwood sneaker on the waffle rubber outsole and a lace-up closure type with metal eyelets.

Vans Era vs Atwood: Build Quality

As I already stated, the Vans Era sneaker shoes have a more concrete outlook than the Atwood; and I know from experience that such an outcome is a reflection of good build quality and production process.

Therefore, the Vans Era is more substantial in its build quality than the Vans Atwood. In the same vein, the flaw of a detachable outsole which is evident in the Vans Atwood is enough evidence to rule that their build quality is nothing to write home about.

I would also reiterate that the build quality is a direct reflection of the build quality because noticed that my Vans Era shoes are hard to break in, a factor that I also heard from my work colleague.

Vans Era vs Atwood: Price

Due to the factors of concrete production and outlook, the Vans Era tends to have a higher price over the Vans Atwood which is priced lower. I think all of these are a reflection of the type of materials used in the production of both shoes.

On one hand, the Vans Era is often made with more expensive materials like suede and leather while the Vans Atwood is made with just a cotton canvas which doesn’t cost as much as the leather and suede.

I think on the ranks of Vans shoes, the Vans Era takes on a more premium position than the Vans Atwood. As the former has an initial price range from $40-$80, while the latter is priced at around $50.

Vans Era vs Atwood: Stitching

Vans Era vs Atwood

The Vans Era sneakers are made with closed-pace and low stitching patterns. Although the same stitching pattern is also seen in the Atwood version, it is not as concretely made as the Era version.

It also features and plimsoll line on the body of the upper material which is sewn carefully, giving the sneakers a resounding rugged outlook.

The stitching around the heel is more locked and stiff, as it prevents that part of the shoe from pulling off if it is worn by a person of larger feet.

Another stitching detail in both shoes is around the shoe tongue, which is also low-key as regards the build quality of the shoes.

Vans Era vs Atwood: Quality

While the Vans Era shoes have a more solid and concrete framework, which is evident in its durable canvas construction; the Atwood is less standard than the Van Era.

First, it has a recurrent flaw of being made with a weak adhesive which makes the sole fall apart pretty soon and unexpectedly.

This flaw is minimal in the Vans Era, which has a better grippy and stronger outsole construction.

Vans Era vs Atwood: Material

I have discovered that the Atwood sneakers have a likelihood to the Vans Authentic, in the sense that it is made with the same material for the upper body of the shoe which is the cotton canvas.

Conversely, the Vans Era shoes are more of stronger fabric like leather and suede, which are both standard and more stylish.

Vans Era vs Atwood: Fit and Sizing

I will give it to Van’s brand of shoes because they come in handy when there is a need to mention shoes that are true to size.

You can order any pairs in your main size or you size up a bit, just to ensure that you don’t get the sizing all mixed up.

Likewise, the fitting of these shoes is okay except for the complaint that they are hard to break in due to the type of insole and outsole used in their production.

But once you break into these shoes, just bear in mind that you are about to have one of your best experiences with sneakers and shoes made by the Vans company.

Vans Era vs Atwood: Outsole and Insole

Vans Era vs Atwood

The outsole of these shoes is made from a vulcanized rubber ‘waffle sole’. This sole comes with a web-like footing on the back of the sole, the part which comes in contact with the floor and this feature provides adequate grip and firmness while riding on a skateboard.

It is one of those features which made these shoes sought after by most skateboarders.

Vans Era vs Atwood: Customer’s Preference

I find it very informative to include the opinions of customers who have used these shoes, in this article as it gives you more clarity and also helps you decide which shoes s preferred by customers and are likely going to prevent you from looking like a loafer in the Vans shoe series.

Judging from reviews and comments from customers in the comment section of various reputable e-commerce stores like Amazon & e-Bay and also opinions in some notable fashion discussion groups on Reddit and Quora; I’ve discovered that the Vans Era sneakers are more preferred to the Atwood version from the same manufacturer.

Comments show that the Vans Era is on a boss-level in the ranks of Vans shoes.

Final Verdict

You can as well say that my verdict on these shoes is predictable because the picture is clear and decisive.

I will go with the Vans Era shoes over the Vans Atwood shoes, and I’m doing so because most people find it preferable.

I am choosing it because of the benefits that I stand to gain. I will also recommend the Era version of Vans shoes to you, and the best so far is the Vans Era 59 which is made from more premium materials.


The comparison has been made, with points drawn from both sides citing several similarities and differences. I also passed a verdict and I want to add, that you should not limit yourself to the verdict because it is only a pointer.

Go out there to any store of your choice, try out both of these shoes in different designs, and then decide which one goes well for you.


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