Vans Lo Pro Vs Authentic

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If you’ve never heard of Vans, then you are probably new to sneakers. They may not be the best sneakers on the market (You can’t say for sure) but they are some of the best you can invest your money in and be satisfied with.

Speaking of Vans and satisfaction, this applies to both “Lo Pro” and “Authentic”. 

The two sneakers are quite similar, being produced by the same brand with almost the same level of perfection. If you are wondering which one to go for, you have come to the right source for the answer.

The major difference between the two sneakers is Vans Authentic Sneakers have the classic canvas look with Thicker Soles while Lo Pro Sneakers have thinner soles.

There’s no judging which is better yet. We are getting to that answer but it has to be justified by a real comparison. The few tiny differences between the two sneakers might help you with your decision.

Vans History

Vans is an American company that manufactures shoes and apparel for Skateboarding. The company was founded by the Van Doren brothers, Paul and James, and Gordon C. Lee. It started as “Vans Doren Rubber Company” in California, in 1966. 

 On the first day the store was opened, the business recorded 12 sales of Vans Deck shoes (Now known as Vans Authentic) in the morning. The original Vans logo was designed by Mark Van Doren, the 13-year-old son of Paul, in 1970. 

The Company improved the design of its shoes and gained popularity. However, in 1984, they faced a lot of competition. In addition to that, fake copies were being sold at a cheap price.

This forced the company to reduce the prices of its shoes. They had to file for bankruptcy protection. The Company was sold in 1988 to McCown De Leuww & Co.

The company expanded and got its new and current name, “Vans”. It released new models and snowboarding shoes in the early 1990s, officially graduating from its “position” as a Skateboard brand.

Vans Lo Pro Reviews

Vans Lo Pro Vs Authentic

This pair of Vans shoes seem to be sized for the girls. However, that doesn’t stop guys from wearing them since NOTHING directly calls them girls’ shoes. Vans Lo Pro, or Vans Authentic Lo Pro, sneakers are quite modern.

Here are five top reviews that mention Vans Lo Pro;

Great color, perfect pricing, I was going to buy these at the mall but they are much cheaper here. I love it. The shipping was quick too.

I got these for my daughter. They were exactly what she had asked for. Beautiful shoes, good quality, and good pricing. She loves it.

This “Lo Pro” shoe says “Unis*x”. I’m not so sure about that, with the way this fits. The thin soles are great though. I love the style but I will have to stretch them out before I can feel comfortable in them. They are still great.

I am a woman and my feet are quite big. These shoes don’t make my feet look as big as they are. I appreciate that. They are quite compact with the look. I find no fault in the quality of these shoes so I recommend them to everyone, including men. It should look good on a man, I think.

I was looking for slim sneakers (unlike the bulky ones). These are perfect and they fit the price range I was looking for. My feet are narrow. My sister has wide feet but the shoes fit us both perfectly.

The arch support is not much so you may have a problem with taking long walks. I haven’t had any problem with long walks maybe because I walk calmly. You should try walking calmly too. I recommend these.


  • Durable
  • Fairly comfortable
  • Less bulky sole.
  • Affordable
  • Unis*x


  • Low arch support
  • Not perfect for male feet
  • It may give a feminine look to males
  • Half size smaller than Vans Authentic

Vans Authentic Reviews

Vans Lo Pro Vs Authentic

The Vans Authentic Sneakers happen to be the first shoes made by Vans, originally names Vans Deck shoes. Some say they are similar to Keds in design but they have thicker soles and are much better in quality.

Just like the 501 jeans by the Levi brand, the Authentic sneakers might still be the most authentic product of Vans. Let’s find out from the top reviews that mention Vans Authentic;

The shoes I was going for were out of stock so I chose to settle for Vans Authentic. I believe have happened for a reason. I won’t stop buying these.

I usually wear orthotics in all of my shoes and the Vans Authentic accommodates my orthotic insoles well. It’s very stylish and perfect with jeans. I am usually outdoors, in casual wear, so these shoes are the perfect choice for me.

Comfortable shoes. They were shipped to me within a week. They are true to size for me. It looks great on me and should be great on girls too. They come in white laces. I bought another one with a yellow lace but a free white lace was added.

I got these for my daughter. She loves them. They are perfect. The Customer Service was great, by the way. They are the best.

The white gets dirty easily but they always stay clean. The canvas material makes them supernaturally easy to clean. I love my vans. The rim and the rubber sole are a nice touch.

I love these shoes. They are simple and fun to wear. I love the brightness but they are not so warm. That’s normal due to the breathable materials. Close to perfect.

Pros of Vans Authentic 

  • Durable
  • Thick sole
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile
  • Unis*x
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable


  • Low arch support
  • Half size larger than Vans Lo Pro

Head-to-Head Comparison between Vans Lo Pro and Authentic

Vans Lo Pro Vs Authentic


Since the two sneakers are made by the same brand, you can expect a very similar construction mode.

It’s not always applicable but footwear brands tend to make some of their shoes similar in virtually everything. Both sneakers are constructed in almost the same way.

Vans Authentic Sneakers have their uppers made of Canvas, leather, or light linen. The outsole is made of thick vulcanized rubber which guarantees durability.

Vans, on their official website, claim the construction mode of the Vans Authentic Sneakers allow them to be sturdy, antiskid, and supportive. While this may be true with the grip and the body, the support is not so perfect.

Vans Lo Pro Sneakers use the same materials. The basic difference is the outsole which is cut to be thinner.

Vans sneakers, in general, are durable. The stitches are perfect and sometimes hidden. For both of the shoes, there have been no complaints about how they are stitched or how long the stitches last.

Sneakers are quite similar in design. Most of them have a common feature; bulky outsoles. However, there are many sneakers with thin soles and special designs like Keds.

Vans Authentic Sneakers were built like the Keds but with bulky soles. Vans Lo Pro Sneakers are similar too but the soles are thin. Also, Vans Lo Pro Sneakers are cut to fit better on the girls than the Vans Authentic Sneakers do.

Bottom Line: This has to be a tie, considering the many similarities between the construction modes of the two sneakers. Both are labeled unis*x. 


While Vans and Keds are extremely similar in style, both cannot be compared in terms of durability.

In addition to the likeness in looks, Vans are almost as cheap as Keds are. Keds can go as low as $30 in price. It is quite hard to get Vans shoes at that price but the price of Vans still falls under $100.

Vans Lo Pro Sneakers have prices ranging from $50 to $99. While some may spill over that price, you probably won’t be finding it.

Vans Authentic Sneakers are not different in the price range. You can get Vans Authentic Sneakers within the range of $50 and $100.

Bottom Line: This is a tie. Vans shoes are constructed with the best materials but kept at affordable prices below $100. This applies to both sneakers so you can afford to buy both just to test them out.

Build Quality

Both sneakers are built with the same materials; canvas, linen, leather, and rubber. They are both reviewed to be durable and of high quality. However, the clunky outsoles on the Vans Authentic Sneakers are visual proof of how good they may be. 

Vans Lo Pro Sneakers have thin outsoles which may inspire doubts about how durable they would be.

Although this was made to satisfy the preference of many who want less-clunky soles, it can also seem discouraging to those who are used to thick soles.

Bottom Line: Vans Authentic Sneakers are ahead of Vans Lo Pro sneakers, in terms of build quality. While Vans Lo Pro sneakers are just as durable, Vans Authentic sneakers have a sturdier build.


Vans Lo Pro Vs Authentic

All Vans have comfortable Insoles. There are several Insoles in the collection of Vans sneakers. Neither of the insoles in Vans Authentic and Vans Lo Pro sneakers is the best but they don’t hold back in comfort either.

Vans Lo Pro sneakers mostly use Popcush Insoles while Vans Authentic sneakers mostly use Footsoul insoles. Many other options are quite better in other Vans shoes.

These insoles are commendably comfortable but might be quite disappointing in support (For people who badly need arch support).

Bottom Line: This comparison is a tie because Vans can choose to use any of their many Insoles in either of the shoes. While they both have special insoles that are mostly used, they are both comfortable and less supportive.


Vans Lo Pro Vs Authentic

While both shoes are labeled “Unis*x”, Vans Lo Pro has a more feminine look. Vans Authentic sneakers are much better in that sense. The bulky soles are preferred by men, mostly, but they work perfectly as “Unis*x” shoes than Vans Lo Pro sneakers.

Vans Lo Pro sneakers, Asides from the thinner soles, have more eyelets than Vans Authentic sneakers. That’s more of decoration but the feminine look may not sit well with many men.

Bottom Line: Vans Authentic sneakers are ahead of Vans Lo Pro sneakers, in terms of the outsoles and look. Asides from the thick outsoles, Vans Authentic are cut better as Unis*x shoes than Vans Lo Pro shoes

Fit and Sizing

It is hard to tell which size is exactly right since different brands size their shoes in different ways.

Vans Authentic sneakers are a half size larger than Vans Lo Pro sneakers. They both fit right but Lo Pro sneakers are not so okay for men.

 Asides from the feminine look, Lo Pro sneakers seem to be built especially for women, making them fit weirdly on a man. Vans Authentic sneakers are quite close to perfect, being more “Unis*x” than Lo Pro sneakers are.

Lo Pro sneakers can accommodate wide feet despite their narrow look while Vans Authentic Sneakers are naturally bulky.

Bottom Line: Vans Authentic Sneakers are better with the way they fit. Vans Lo Pro sneakers are great to hide wide feet but they don’t work perfectly well for men till they are broken in.

Verdict: Lo Pro vs Authentic

Despite the minor differences, it is quite easy to tell that Vans Authentic sneakers win this duel. They were the first pairs of Vans. While they may not be the best, they are still great.

Vans Lo Pro sneakers are not bad in any way and they will fit a man after the break-in period. However, it is more recommended for women. It may even be the best for women.

Vans Authentic sneakers, on the other hand, are good for both genders, in looks and fitting. That makes the Authentic sneakers the winners of the duel.


You can easily make your choice, now that we have compared the two. It’s pretty simple since there is only a physical difference so you either like it or you don’t.

Both are quite perfect in terms of quality and durability. You can check back for more footwear comparisons. Some shoes just can’t wait to fit your legs.


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