Vass vs Crockett and Jones

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There are many factors to consider when purchasing dress shoes. Two of the most popular brands are Vass and Crockett & Jones. Both brands offer a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors. So, how do you choose between the two?

They both offer high-quality construction that will last many years with proper care; however, Crockett & Jones is the most expensive option of the three while still providing good value compared to other luxury dress shoes.

What is the major difference between Vass and Crockett and Jones Dress Shoes?

The major difference between these two dress shoes is that Vass is known for their classic designs and versatile style.

They make both lace-up and monk strap shoes in both suede and leather options. Crockett and Jones are also known for their versatile style, with a focus on traditional British designs.

They have a wider range of colors available than Vass, as well as more intricate detailing on their shoes.

In this article, we’ll be comparing both brands deeply to aid you in choosing the best among both shoes. Let’s look at the first impressions and brief histories of each brand.

First Glance

Your first look at a shoe should give you a hint on how high or low the quality of a shoe is. Let’s look at the first impressions of Vass and Crockett and Jones’ shoes.


Vass vs Crockett and Jones

  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Handcrafted
  • They run narrow and are not suitable for wide feet

When I first saw the Vass Alt English, I was a little skeptical. They looked too good to be true; too good to be real. I tried them, anyway.

These shoes are so comfortable and stylish, they look great with almost anything you pair them with!

After purchasing it, I was impressed with the quality of the leather, the hardware, and the comfort. The shoes were so comfortable that I wore them for my entire visit to France. They are durable and have lasted over a year of daily use.

The only thing that has happened is that the dye on the toe is rubbing off (probably due to me wearing them so much). Overall, these shoes are worth every penny and more!

Another issue I had was with the sizing – they were too narrow for me! Normally I wear a size 10 US shoe, but these were so tight that I couldn’t even get them on my foot without help (and even then they were hard to get on).

So, if you have wide feet or are looking to wear these with thick socks, then this may not be the best fit for you.

Crockett and Jones

Vass vs Crockett and Jones

  • Soft and comfortable leather
  • Very stylish
  • Handcrafted

I was so excited to get my new Crockett and Jones Selby shoes! I had heard great things about the brand, and couldn’t wait to see how they looked and felt.

When I finally got them, I couldn’t believe how beautiful they were. The leather is soft and high-quality, and the construction is perfect. These are comfortable shoes which gives an additional feel of premium.

The first thing that struck me about these shoes was their beautiful color – a deep burgundy that is perfect for fall. They are also very well made and feel sturdy and comfortable.

The next thing I noticed was how stylish they are. They can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, which makes them versatile enough to wear all year round.

Overall, I am extremely happy with my purchase of the Crockett and Jones Selby shoes! It has quickly become one of my favorite pairs of shoes in my wardrobe.

If you are looking for a quality shoe that will last you many seasons, then this is a style worth considering!

Vass vs Crockett vs Jones: Head-to-head comparison

Vass vs Crockett and Jones

FeaturesVassCrockett and Jones
LeatherThick vegetable-tanned leather coated with waxLight chrome-tanned leather with waterproofing treatment
SoleBlake construction with leather soleGoodyear welting construction with rubber sole
Durability10 years2-3 years
Price$ 220 to up to $995$495 to up to over $1000
InsolesCork insolesLeather insoles
Sizing / fitRuns smallRuns large
ConstructionBlake stitch constructionGoodyear welt construction
Footbedleather, suede, and canvas. Flatter than Crockett and jonesLeather, suede, and canvas not as flat as Vass
Toe protectionpointed toe box with natural creasingRounded toe box with thicker leathers and inserts
Fashion qualityIntricate stitching patternsSimple designs


There are several notable differences between the leather used in Vass and Crockett and Jones shoes.

The most obvious difference is the thickness of the leather – Vass uses significantly thicker leather than Crockett and Jones.

This makes their shoes more durable, as well as gives them a more luxurious feel.

Vass vs Crockett and Jones

Another difference is that Vass uses vegetable-tanned leather, while Crockett and Jones use chrome-tanned leather.

Vegetable tanning produces a softer, more natural-looking finish, while chrome tanning results in a harder, shinier surface.

Finally, how the different brands treat their leather also differs – Vass applies multiple coats of wax to give their shoes a water-resistant finish, while Crockett and Jones do not do this (although they offer a waterproofing treatment for an additional cost).


The major difference is that Vass uses a Blake construction with a leather sole, while Crockett and Jones use Goodyear welting with a rubber or leather sole.

The soles of Vass shoes are much thicker than those of Crockett and Jones shoes. This makes them both more durable and less flexible.

The tread on Vass shoe soles is much deeper, providing better traction in wet or icy conditions.

The stitching on Vass shoe soles is much more visible than on Crockett and Jones shoe soles, giving them a slightly more rustic appearance.


There are many factors to consider for the durability of shoes. But there are some key differences between Vass shoes and Crockett and Jones shoes.

Vass Shoes are known for their incredible durability. In fact, many people report they can wear a pair of Vass shoes for up to 10 years without them showing any signs of wear.

This is because of the company’s use of high-quality materials and construction techniques.

Crockett and Jones’s Shoes tend not to be as durable as Vass Shoes. However, they do last longer than most other brands on the market.

Most people find they can get at least two or three years out of a pair before they show significant signs of wear.


  • Crockett and Jones – from $495 to up to over $1000
  • Vass – $220 to up to $995

Crockett and Jones are more expensive than Vass shoes as they are on the top side of the luxury curve, while Vass are economically priced dress shoe


There are a few key differences between the type of insoles used in Vass shoes and Crockett and Jones shoes.

Vass insoles are thicker and more supportive than those used in Crockett and Jones shoes.

The Vass insoles are made of cork, while the Crockett and Jones insoles are made of leather

The insole on a pair of Vass shoes is typically glued directly to the footbed, while Crockett and Jones’s insoles are often held in place by screws.

Finally, the construction of the heel on a pair of Vass shoes is usually more robust than that found on Crockett and Jones footwear with a more pronounced arch support.


There are some apparent differences between the sizing and fit of Vass shoes and Crockett and Jones shoes.

Vass shoes run smaller, while Crockett and Jones’s shoes seem to be wider.

In terms of fit, I have found that Vass shoes hug my feet more closely than Crockett and Jones’s models do.

Vass shoes are smaller, while Crockett and Jones have a wider fit.


There are several differences between the type of construction used in Vass shoes and Crockett and Jones shoes.

Vass uses a Blake stitch construction, while Crockett and Jones use a Goodyear welt. This means that the stitching on a pair of Vass shoes is hidden, while the stitching on a pair of Crockett and Jones shoes is visible.

Because of the Goodyear welt construction, Crockett and Jones shoes can be resoled multiple times, whereas Vass Shoes cannot be resoled at all.

Finally, because of their Blake stitch construction, Vass Shoes are typically lighter weight than Crockett and Jones Shoes.


The materials used in the footbeds of Vass shoes and Crockett, and Jones shoes are very similar. Both use a combination of leather, suede, and canvas.

The canvas is usually bonded to the leather, which allows for more natural movement and durability.

The suede material used on both brands is more durable than canvas, but it has less cushioning than leather.

The leather used on Crockett & Jones’ models is treated with a special process that makes it more pliable than most other leathers.

This means it can be shaped into different shapes without cracking or tearing.

The footbed in a Vass shoe is flatter than that of a Crockett and Jones shoe. The toe area of a Vass footbed is more curved than on a Crockett and Jones footbed.

The footbed in a Vass shoe is also slightly thicker than the footbed in a Crockett and Jones shoe.

Toe Protection

There are several differences between the toe protection in Vass shoes and Crockett and Jones shoes.

Your toes in a pair of Crockett and Jones shoes are typically more protected than those in a pair of Vass shoes.

This is because Crockett and Jones use thicker leathers and inserts for their toe boxes, while Vass relies more on natural creasing to provide protection.

The shape of the two brands’ toe boxes differs slightly: Crockett and Jones are more rounded while Vass is more pointed.

They both have a large piece of foam that runs across the bottom of the shoe, but they also have some other differences. The Crockett and Jones shoe has a cutout in the foam, while the Vass shoe does not.

Though, Vass shoes have an edge over Crockett and Jones ones because they have better shock absorption technology in their heels, so your feet won’t hurt as much when you fall on them.

Finally, whereas Crockett and Jones offer both half- and full-length welting options, Welted or Storm Welted construction is only available from Vass as an extra cost option.

Fashion quality

There are several differences between the fashion quality of Vass shoes and Crockett and Jones shoes.

Vass vs Crockett and Jones

Vass shoes are typically made with much higher-quality leather than Crockett and Jones. This results in a more luxurious look and feels to the shoe.

Vass uses more intricate stitching patterns on their uppers, while Crockett and Jones often rely on simpler designs.

Finally, Vass is less expensive than Crockett and Jones despite the superior quality materials used in their construction.

Final Verdict

After this lengthy comparison, and considering the parameters in comparing these two brands of dress shoes, I’ve concluded that Bass makes better quality shoes than Crockett and Jones.

Here are my reasons:

Price point

A comparable style from Crockett and Jones will often be 2-3 times the price of a similar style from Vass.

And while both brands make beautiful classic styles, I think it’s fair to say that the design flair at play in current season offerings from Vass is unmatched by Crockett and Jones.


The leather used to make Vass shoes is of a higher quality than the leather used for Crockett and Jones shoes.

Another reason is that the lasts used by Vass (the foot-shaped molds used to make the shoe) have been perfected over time, while Crockett and Jones still use old lasts.

Because each pair of Vass shoes is handmade, they can be customized to fit each customer’s individual needs – something which cannot be done with mass-produced Crockett and Jones shoes.


After close comparison and careful consideration, we’ve finally reached the end of this comparison. I hope you also consider the facts in this article to pick your favorite. Happy shoe shopping.


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