Wesco Jobmaster Vs Nick's Hotshot

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There are many differences between these two leather boots, but the major difference is that Wesco is made of oil tanned leather while Hotshot is made of abrasion leather. 

Wesco Jobmaster is more lightweight than Nick’s Hotshot. You can easily break in Wesco boots than Hotshot boots. Each is sold at a different price range. 

Amidst these differences, they are both rebuildable boots and they are both expensive leather boots. They are also very durable quality boots. 

Having known these about them, which is better between them? Before I answer that, I’m going to make an in-depth review on them both. 

First Glance At Wesco Jobmaster Boots

From your first glance at Wesco Jobmaster boot, you will notice that it’s a leather boot that is made of oil tanned leather. You will notice the good quality of leather used if you’re familiar with leather quality. 

You will also notice at first glance the solid sole of the boots and the steel spikes in the soles. At first glance, you will not fail to notice the triple stitching on the boot. 

You will definitely notice the Wesco Jobmaster logo on the boot. The price tag on it cannot be hidden, you’ll surely notice that. Check out this example for more details about Wesco Jobmaster boots.

Jobmaster 110100

Wesco Jobmaster Vs Nick's Hotshot

Image source: Wesco

This is the popular Jobmaster style and there are other styles of Wesco Jobmaster boots. You can check their website for more. 

This boot is lace-to-toe and it is 10 inches long in height. The sole material is vibram. This is the black leather color. This boot is built with industrial strength and there is enough protection on the boot.

You are sure to have your foot protected while working in this boot. This is your everyday wear boot. One thing you should know about this boot is how durable it is. 

The sole is strong and built with steel spikes for grip and slip resistance. The stitching done on this boot is triple and that ensures that it stays strong without breaking out.

You can afford to wear this boot for years and have no reason to drop it. That is the reason it is so expensive. If you’re looking for a very good quality boot to wear, you should probably get this. 

Another good thing about this boot is that you can rebuild it the way you want. You can change and replace any parts of the boot. You can do this even after wearing this boot for years. 

This boot is expensive as it is sold at $470 at the moment. 

First Glance At Nick’s Hotshot

Nick’s Hotshot is almost like the Jobmaster at first glance, except that Hotshot is not laced down to the toe. At first glance, you will notice the abrasive leather of Hotshot boots. 

You will also notice at first glance the thickness of the leather used in making the boots. At first glance, you will notice the high arch available in Hotspot boots, higher than the one in Jobmaster. 

You will also notice the logo on the boot and the laces of the boot. At first glance, you will also notice the two layers heavy duty stitching on the boot and of course, the price on the price tag. 

Let’s check out this example for further details. 

Hot Shot Classic Arch Boot

Wesco Jobmaster Vs Nick's Hotshot

Image source: Hotshot

This boot is available in 4 different colors. This particular brown is just really classic. From the photo, you can see the steel spikes on the sole of the boots. 

The lace up pattern is uniquely done upwards. The sole of the boots is in double layer and the stitching is done in the triple stitching design. 

This is a rugged work boot that is built to last and to be used for heavy duty work. The boot has a high arch and a soft leather construction inside the boot for comfort. 

The toe is made soft but you can rebuild it to be a steel toe. The shaft length of the boot is 10 inches. The leather of this boot is made for seidel-maximum support work. 

The leather here is abrasion resistant and the boot is durable as well. This boot is expensive as it is sold for $535. You can get it on Nick’s website. 

Comparison Proper

Wesco Jobmaster Vs Nick's Hotshot

Knowing these great qualities about these two boots is making it difficult to say which is better. Let me further make a step by step comparison of the construction, quality, comfort level, price, sizing & fit, and silhouette before I can finally say which is better. 


It is obvious that these guys use a high grade construction system for these boots. We are dealing with top quality brands and we may not find any fault with the design of these boots. 

Jobmaster boots are constructed in a triple stitching construction. That shows how much detailing is given to the construction of this boot. Oil tanned leather is used in the making of Jobmaster boots.

The leather used for the construction of the boot is thick and strong. And, the construction is made in such a way that you can easily rebuild it. 

Hotshot boots on the other hand are made in two layers and there’s also the triple stitching construction on Hotshot boots. The stitching is heavy duty. 

Hotshot boots are built to have high arch support even on the toe part. There is also the brass hardware in some parts of the boot. The design is just top notch. And you can also rebuild any part you want. 

When it comes to stitching, Jobmaster and Hotshot are doing great. 


It is hard to say which one has the highest quality, because both boots are really good. Wesco Jobmaster boots are built to last for years. 

I mean, you can afford to wear the boots for 5 years and decide to change the style and pattern of the boots. You will still be able to get something really good out of that. 

The leather used for Jobmaster boots is meant to provide industrial strength and the sole is vibram and lasting. There is no question about the quality of this boot. 

Nick’s Hotshot is also a highly quality boot that is made of thick abrasive leather which makes it wear resistant. The outer part is made of very thick leather and the inner part is made of softer leather. 

Hotshot boots are durable and can be rebuilt even after years of use. Hotshot boots are quality enough to withstand any rugged terrain of work. 

When it comes to quality, both Jobmaster and Hotshot are really good and there’s no disputing of how high quality they are. You just have to get them according to what you want. 

Comfort Level

Comfort is what’s highly important among other qualities of a good boot. Each of these boots have a mechanism that is aimed at keeping the boots comfortable to wear. 

The Jobmaster boot is built to be lightweight and that contributes to the comfort of the boot. Also, you can take just a few days to break into the Jobmaster boot, after that, you’ll be comfortable wearing it.

These are the major things that make Jobmaster comfortable. You will actually be very comfortable wearing Jobmaster boots. 

Moreover, Hotshot boots seem to be more comfortable than Jobmaster boots. Jobmaster boots are actually lighter in weight than Hotshot. But, Hotshot boots are made with a softer leather inside for comfort. 

The outer part is hard and the inner part is soft and comfortable to wear. Even the toe leather is made soft for the comfort of your toes. That shows how much care is taken into ensuring comfort. 

When it comes to the comfort level of these two, both are very comfortable but Hotshot boots are likely more comfortable than Jobmaster. It’s just a thin line difference. 


I am sure that everyone wants to consider the price before even thinking of which boot to choose to buy. Here, both Jobmaster and Hotshot boots are expensive. 

Jobmaster is sold within $400 and adding other shipment and delivery prices, that will be up to $500. That’s if you’re ordering online. They are actually expensive for the quality. 

Majorly, you will find Jobmaster boots for $450 to $490. I should think that you were prepared to get it for this price considering the quality you’re gonna be getting. 

Hotshot boots are actually more expensive than Jobmaster boots. You can find Hotshot boots within $500 and it might be more than that when you add up other charges like shipment, tax and delivery. 

Here also, this price shouldn’t be a challenge if you’re sure of what you’re paying for. You might get a discount on Nick’s website if you’re buying for the first time. 

It is obvious that while both Jobmaster and Hotshot boots are expensive, Hotshot boots are more expensive than Jobmaster boots.

The quality should convince you on which to buy and you should narrow it down to what you want in a boot. 

Size / Fitting

It will be difficult to have sizing issues here since you can have both of them re-constructed for you. They are definitely gonna be true to size. 

Jobmaster boots are true to size and they have a good fit. There’s been no issue on the sizing so far. Even after years of wear, there is no sign of expansion in size. 

So, when I say “true to size”, I mean that the size you bought remains the same for as long as you use the boot. This is something you can’t easily find in other cheap boots. 

The fitting is also good and you get what you order for as long as you know all the dimensions of your foot. There are specific questions asked you in order to determine your true size. 

Hotshot boots are also true to size and they are fitting as well. You’re not gonna have many issues with the sizing of the boots. All you have to do is give specific answers concerning your boot size. 

The fitting is right and you are less likely to have any complaints on the size and fitting of Hotshot boots. Since you can always rebuild it, you can always change how it fits on you. 

When it comes to size and fitting, both Jobmaster and Hotshot are true to size and fitting. There’s no difference in their fitting. Always check the size chart before you order. 


Now, when you take a look at these two boots, which is more attractive? They are both fashionable and stylish in their own unique ways. 

Jobmaster boots are really classy and stylish. Whatever leather color you buy them they are sure to maintain the color for as long as you use them. 

The lace-to-toe style has helped in making the boots more fashionable. They are actually very attractive and you can’t help buying them if you can. 

Hotshot boots are also very attractive. They are available in four different colors and all colors are stylish and classic. You can’t refrain from buying this boot because of the look. 

That is because the silhouette of these boots will definitely attract you to get your feet in them. You can get them in any color of your choice. But, I love the brown color. 

You can always oil these boots for better effect as you keep using them. When it comes to silhouette, both Jobmaster and Hotshot are fashionable and stylish. 

Final Verdict (Which Is Better?)

Here comes the final verdict. I am sure that you have found it very difficult to decide on which to buy judging from their great features. 

Let’s briefly go over the comparison. In terms of construction, both have triple stitching and good construction. Both are of a high quality. 

Both Jobmaster and Hotshot are comfortable but Hotshot is made more comfortable. Both are true to size and good fitting. 

Hotshot boots are more expensive than Jobmaster boots. They both have great silhouettes. In order to know which to buy, you need to decide what you really want. 

If you need an everyday wear boot for regular work, then a Jobmaster is better. If you need a h1eavy duty boot for rugged work, then Hotshot is better. So, which do you want right now?


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