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What does gs mean on StockX? If you’ve ever shopped on StockX, you may have noticed that shoes are listed under different categories.

If you haven’t done much shopping on the site, you might not know what each of these abbreviations stands for.

So let’s look at what gs mean on StockX so you know when next you visit their website

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What Does “GS” Mean on StockX?

What Does GS Stand for?

Grade School” is what “GS” means. This means that the shoe is made for a child who is in Grade School. GS is not a single shoe size, but a range of shoe sizes that your Grade School-aged child will be able to find their size in.

Most of the time, these shoes are made for kids ages 6 and up, but this can change depending on how big your child’s feet are.

GS shoes are gender-neutral, which means that both boys and girls can wear them. Some shoes for kids will say what gender they are, but shoes marked “GS” won’t.

Nike was one of the first companies to use acronyms to describe shoe sizes. It is used a lot in their line of Air Jordans. Since then, the acronym has been used by many other brands.

There are a few more acronyms that help put shoes in different size ranges. This makes sure that people can buy shoes in the right size for themselves and their kids.

What Does Grade School (GS) Mean?

Let’s say you want to buy a new pair of Nike Air Jordans. Nike Air Jordan PS (Preschool) shoes are made for kids in preschool, while TD (Toddler) shoes are made for kids in toddler age. This means that they are easy to tell apart from shoes for men and women.

This is very helpful if you want to find a specific size of a popular brand, like Nike Air Jordan shoes, that come in a wide range of sizes.

How do you use GS?

GS doesn’t come in one size. GS has its own size chart. For example, a child might need GS size 3.5 instead of GS size 6. This also doesn’t take into account things like the length of a person’s foot, the height of their arch, or how different shoe styles fit on a boy’s or girl’s foot.

Different sizes may also look different, and not every shoe size on the size chart will be available.

Before you take your boys or girls to get new shoes, you should always measure their feet. Their size number on the chart might not fit well if their feet are longer or higher than average.

Nike Air Jordan GS Shoe Size

Since Nike Air Jordan shoes are where the term “Grade School” comes from, it makes sense that they are the ones who explain this system of sizes. The Air Jordan line is made by a company that a lot of people think is high-quality. This means that the Air Jordan line is also high-quality, but you still need to decide if you want an Air Jordan.

Y Sizes

Some of the sizes on the Nike Air Jordan GS size chart are followed by a “Y,” which stands for “years.” This means that the shoe size is for kids of that age. For example, 7Y means “age 7.” This tells you how old a child should be to wear the shoe (in years).

Keep in mind that shoe size is affected by genes, so the shoe might fit kids who are a year older or younger better. Since the sizes are just averages, the difference can sometimes be more than one year.

K Sizes

The word “kid” is what the letter K stands for, which is just another way of saying the Y sizes. Depending on where you are, you may have to ask for one or the other because some stores and online sites use them interchangeably.

Keep in mind that this might not work the same way for a different brand. The Air Jordan line uses these letters a lot, but other popular shoe brands and styles might not. There probably won’t be a lot of overlap, but you should still know what you’re up against.


Many people think that OG stands for a shoe size, even though it doesn’t. OG stands for “original,” which refers to the first time these shoes came out. In the case of the Nike Air Jordan line, this means that the original colorways of OG Nike Air Jordan shoes are different (colorways are the pattern and arrangement of colors on the sneaker). If the sneakers have those colors, you know they are the real deal.

OG Even though they are from the same sneaker line, old and new Nike Air Jordan shoes have different color schemes (or even the same sneaker model). Nike does this with the Air Jordan line, as do a lot of other brands, to make some sneaker release days more important.

GS (Grade School) Shoe Size Chart


Getting Sizes for GS Shoes

Asking “What does GS mean in shoes?” is only half the battle. Now you have to measure them. Unlike shoes for adults, most shoes for boys will also fit girls, and many are made for both genders. The Nike Air Jordan was one of the first shoes to use the GS system, and just as many girls as guys own Nike Air Jordan shoes.

Taking your child’s foot size

You need to measure your child’s feet if you want to buy them new shoes, even sneakers like the Nike Air Jordan, which basically started the GS system.

When to Check

Always do this first thing in the morning, as soon as your child is ready. Later in the day, each foot can swell, which can change the size measurements and cause you to buy shoes that are too big. If they’ve been on their feet for most of the day, this swelling can be a little more bothersome later in the day, but it goes away overnight.

Depending on what time they wake up, this may not be first thing in the morning. If you measure your child’s feet right away, before they have had a lot of time to swell, your results will be more accurate. Even if you don’t get it exactly right, it won’t matter much.

Specific Sizes

Don’t forget that popular brands like Nike Air Jordan are made for the average size, but that doesn’t mean that sizes don’t overlap. Some people have feet that are between two other shoe sizes, which means that their feet fit somewhere in between. In this case, choose the pair that is the biggest because the smaller pair might not fit.

It’s also important to know that some shoes take a while to break in. For example, Air Jordan shoes are very flexible and usually stretch to fit the shape and size of your foot. Other styles and types of shoes, on the other hand, can take a lot longer to stretch because they want to keep their original shape. This means it might take a while for them to feel comfortable.

How to Measure for GS

The easiest way to measure a child’s foot is to stand them up against a wall, put their heel against the wall, and then use a regular ruler to measure the inside of their feet from the biggest toe. You can use a brand-name sizing tool to make this process faster and more accurate, but using a ruler should be enough to figure out their shoe size in most cases.

Keep in mind that one foot is often half a size bigger than the other. This means that you will want to measure both: the larger foot is often slightly longer and might even be more wide, and you should base your shoe purchases off the larger foot rather than, the smaller one. This keeps you from buying a pair of shoes only to find that one is too small.

If you are checking to see whether a pair of shoes fits after buying them, then it can help to get your child moving in them properly. This can make it much easier to spot shoes that don’t fit right, and even rolling their foot can show places where the shoe catches or rubs against their skin.

How to Choose GS Shoes

Brand names like Air Jordan are a good place to start when looking for shoes for your child or for your own small feet. But there are still different styles of a brand or product, like the Air Jordan, and the different sizes are also something to think about.

Consider Size

Size is always the first thing to think about. Not much more can be said here that hasn’t already been said.

Read Reviews Online

Review posts are a good way to find out how well a certain shoe holds up. For example, a recent 2021 review of the Air Jordan would give you a good idea of how the Air Jordan compares to 2021 releases, which can be important if you want your child’s first shoe of this type to be the best.

The more recent an Air Jordan review is, the more recent the opinions are. This can be great if you want to hear about the pros and cons of the Air Jordan lines from people who have actually used them. Some review posts may also include links to Air Jordan products or other articles about the Air Jordan, which can help you learn more.

Review posts can also talk about a brand or a line of products. A lot of sites have reviews of Air Jordan shoes that look at the whole line of Jordan shoes, not just one pair. This is a good way to save time and get information about all Air Jordan shoes at once, instead of looking at each type of Air Jordan shoe separately.

Check Availability

Some shoes, especially ones with well-known brands like Air Jordan, are hard to find just anywhere. When it comes to GS shoes, some Jordan-brand shoes won’t be made for kids, and other Jordan-brand shoes are no longer being made at all.

Even though you might be able to find sites that tell you where to get shoes like these older Jordan designs, they might not be on the menu. The Jordan name is very well-known, so if someone posts a link to old Jordan designs that are no longer made, they will likely sell out quickly.


Last, price. Some brands, like Air Jordan shoes, will always be more expensive than others. Because of the Jordan name, many Jordan shoes are more expensive than other shoes. This is true even for children’s shoes. You get better quality, but it depends on how much you can pay and how much you are willing to pay.

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