Why Are Shoes So Expensive? Expensive Shoes list

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Footwear is a piece of new jewelry on the market for discriminating feet. And the dynamics in the fashion world have made a pair of designer shoes cost more than house rent or car payment.

Why are shoes so expensive? Some of the reasons are social status, targeted market, brand, inflation, and cost of production. We’ve done thorough research to determine what is driving up the price of the shoes on the market. The information will help you get a good value of your money and avoid making huge blunders. Let’s find out:

Why are Shoes Becoming More Expensive?

There are a bunch of reasons that are making the cost of shoes to shoot up every year.

Most of them are inevitable, and it is good to cope with the situation. Here are the possible reasons:

Social Status

The desire to lead a luxurious social status comes with extra cost. You will need to buy luxury fashion items like designer clothes and shoes. Keep in mind that these luxury items are quite expensive.

However, some people will still buy them regardless of the ridiculous price tags. Besides that, these designer shoes are worn by people’s favorite celebrities. Hence, they impose high price tags on ordinary people.

Design and Brand

The brand and construction style plays a considerable role in determining the price of the shoes.

Popular brands use cutting-edge technology and quality materials to design a pair of shoes. Hence, the reason behind the higher costs.


Inflation is a crucial factor behind the price hike in the shoe industry. More money in the economy make its value fall.

Therefore, the manufacturing companies will have to increase the price. This will help them get the actual value of their money in the long run.

High Cost of Production

Most shoes manufacturing companies tend to source materials. The suppliers end up hiking the cost due to the limited production.

These companies are in the business to earn a profit. Hence, they will have to increase the price to make reasonable profit margins.

Target Market

Most designer shoes are dammed expensive due to the target market. These shoes are meant explicitly for celebrities and athletes.

Most elites are willing to taste the quality and pay an extra amount. The good news is that they are made using elite technology and high-quality materials.

Shoe Release

Limited release of specific shoes on the market results in low discounts. Hence, make the pair of shoes expensive, both in-store and at the outlets.

On the other hand, excess release causes excess stock on the market. This will trigger higher sales due to the huge discounts. However, people will blow out their budget by buying more units.

Hence, making them develop a perception that shoes are affordable even when the discount is 10% at the outlet.

How much does the average shoe cost?

The average price of a pair of shoes is $75. But prices vary widely depending on the style, design, and material of your shoe.

If you want to be trendy and stylish, you’ll have to pay more. Shoes in the $100+ range are common at higher-end department stores and boutiques. Some styles can cost more than $200 per pair!

Shoes can also be extremely affordable if you’re willing to sacrifice quality or style. You’ll find plenty of low-cost options at discount stores like Target and Walmart.

But if you’re looking for something more unique or high-quality, you may need to spend more money.

Is It Worth Buying Expensive Shoes?

Going shoe shopping is both exciting and intimidating. There are a lot of things to put into consideration before making any purchase.

However, minding these factors tends to be cumbersome. You might end up making a big blunder in the long run.

So, is it worth buying expensive shoes? Absolutely. These shoes are made using elite technology and premium materials. Besides that, they have an appealing design.

Another important thing is that they come with a warranty. Hence, these shoes guarantee ultimate satisfaction, and they are worth the value of the money.

Moreover, we recommend buying high-end shoes from reputable brands. There are so many brands in the market, claiming to offer the best shoes.

Keep in mind that expensive is a relative term. Expensive shoes might be those that people wear most often. But get shoes that are worth the value of your money.

Is Buying Shoes A Waste Of Money?

Shoes are among the primary needs of human beings. They help to improve the living standard and protect the feet against diseases.

So, is buying expensive shoes a waste of money? Not really. This depends on the purpose and value of your money.

Classic footwear has a robust construction design and premium materials.

Hence, they are likely to last longer than regular shoes. Besides that, expensive shoes tend to improve individual social status and physical appearance.

If you are looking to attain a specific social class, then consider expensive shoes.


Investment in premium shoes with solid construction and high-quality materials foster comfortable walking.

These types of shoes tend to last longer and reduce the cost of buying more units. However, the cost of buying footwear is increasing due to the dynamics in fashion and technology.

Some shoes are more expensive than others. We recommend buying footwear that is worth the value of your money.

Besides that, check your budget before investing heavily in elite shoes. Expensive is a relative term. The good news is that it is not useful in judging the comfort and quality of the footwear.

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