Why Are Skechers Hated

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Skechers is often considered one of the most expensive shoe brands . Not only do their shoes cost a lot of money like Nike, but they also are very unpopular with consumers.

The hate for Skechers has affected consumers and people have now come out openly to declare their utter dislike for the shoe brand.

Stay tuned till the end of this article as I open up on the brand and also present you with 10 interesting facts on why they are hated so much.

History of Skechers

Skechers is an American footwear company founded in 1992 by Robert Greenberg. The company’s first product was a boat shoe named “Skechers” and the brand has since expanded to include shoes for men, women, and children of all ages.

Skechers’ most popular products are its sneakers, which come in a variety of styles for both sporty and casual occasions.

The history of Skechers is intertwined with that of its founder, Robert Greenberg. After dropping out of college, Greenberg began working at his father’s shoe factory where he learned about the footwear industry firsthand.

In 1992, he founded Skechers with $2 million in seed money and produced his first pair of shoes – a boat shoe called “Skechers.”

There were already several large sneaker brands on the market, so Greenberg had to differentiate his product through innovation and design. He succeeded; within five years, Skechers’ sales had reached $100 million.

Today, Skechers is one of America’s leading footwear companies with over 3,000 stores worldwide and annual sales totaling over $3 billion.

The company produces sneakers for men, women, and children across a range of styles from sporty to casual. Its most popular products are its sneakers which come in many colors, shapes, and sizes.

12 reasons why everyone hate Skechers

  1. Arguments around inferior material for production
  2. Little or no innovation in their designs
  3. Copied design ideas
  4. Absence of celebrity endorsements in their marketing campaigns
  5. Poor Marketing Strategy
  6. Pricing
  7. They are out of fashion and not considered “cool”
  8. Possible health complications
  9. They look dull
  10. Their shoes lack stability and support
  11. Poor customer service
  12. Sizing issues

Arguments around inferior materials for production

Skechers brand does not use high-quality materials in their shoes for a variety of reasons. This is especially true with their athletic shoes.

This is because Skechers has a reputation for using low-quality materials in their shoes, which can lead to problems with durability and comfort.

The lining in Skechers’ shoes is made of fabric instead of leather, which makes it more difficult to breathe in hot weather.

A lot of reviewers of shoe brands have complained about how their shoes wear out quickly, and how the materials used to make them are just plain cheap.

Plus, there have been some reports of dangerous manufacturing defects in some pairs of Skechers shoes. Yikes!

Skechers’ soles are made from rubber or plastic. Their sole does not have enough cushioning power because it does not absorb the shape of your foot and leg well, which makes you feel uncomfortable after long-term use.

People don’t enjoy wearing them for a long time because they feel tired quickly when walking in them for a long time.

Some people even get blisters on their feet after wearing them for a long period because there is no proper airflow inside the shoe that can allow you to sweat out from inside, so if you want to enjoy walking in your Skechers shoes then you must buy Skechers with thicker soles otherwise they will hurt your feet very much if worn.

I have owned a few pairs of Skechers, and the materials used in their construction just don’t seem to be as good as other brands. As a result, they often fall apart before I’ve even had them for six months.

Little or no innovation in their designs

There’s nothing wrong with a classic design, but when a company relies too much on old ideas, it can lead to stagnation.

That seems to be the case with Skechers, which has been churning out the same designs for years making no significant changes. This lack of innovation is one reason people hate Skechers shoes.

One issue is that Skechers’ design ideas are often copied from other brands. For example, Nike has released several sneakers that are strikingly similar to popular Skechers models. This makes it difficult for consumers to know which brand offers the best products.

People find their shoes are too plain or unstylish and they also don’t have enough variety in terms of color and styles.

It can be boring to see the same thing repeatedly. When everyone is wearing the same shoes, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. I feel Skechers could do more with their designs and that they’re not living up to their full potential.

Copied design ideas

After careful observation and consideration, it has been confirmed that Skechers copy their design ideas from other brands like New Balance.

I believe people don’t like the fact that Skechers takes designs from other brands because it seems unoriginal and lazy.

When a company like Skechers copies another brand’s design, they’re not putting in any extra effort to come up with their ideas; they’re just taking what someone else has already created. This can be seen as being unprofessional and disrespectful to the original designer.

I feel that Skechers’ copying habits are unethical. By taking designs from other brands without giving them credit or compensation, Skechers is essentially stealing someone else’s work.

This can be viewed as being dishonest towards both the original designer and consumers who have purchased products with copied designs.

Absence of celebrity endorsements in their marketing campaigns

A lot of reviewers have expressed their hate for Skechers because of the absence of celebrity endorsements in Skechers’ marketing campaign.

First, many people believe celebrities can help to sell products more effectively than ordinary advertising.

Celebrities have a large following and can influence many people’s opinions. If Skechers were to use celebrities in their ads, it would give them more exposure and increase sales.

Second, consumers feel they are being misled if celebrities do not endorse the product. Even though using celebrities may have its benefits, Skechers has forgone them to save money and maintain transparency with their customers.

Finally, excluding celebrity endorsements from Skechers’ marketing campaign is interpreted as an admission of guilt on the company’s part–that it is aware of its products’ poor quality and is trying to hide this from consumers.

Poor Marketing Strategy

According to public opinion, it’s no news that Skechers has a poor marketing strategy.

Skechers often uses misleading advertising tactics. For example, they have claimed that their shoes can help you lose weight or get in shape providing no scientific evidence to back up these claims.

This can be frustrating for customers who end up spending money on a product that doesn’t deliver on its promises.

Skechers has also been criticized because of the gender stereotypes in their advertisements.

For example, many of their ads feature male models and do not focus on the needs of female consumers. This is a potential reason many women dislike these sneakers as much as men do.


Finally, Skechers’ prices are often much higher than those of other brands with similar products. This means that consumers have to pay more for what is essentially the same thing as other brands offer at a lower price point.

This can be frustrating for budget-minded shoppers who would rather not spend extra money on something they don’t need.

They are out of fashion and not considered “cool”

In recent times, Skechers is now considered unfashionable and not “cool”. Skechers are considered out of fashion and not “cool”.

This is because they are not seen as a high-end brand and are considered as being too casual. Skechers is also less expensive than other brands, which can make them seem like a lower quality option.

Skechers has been around for a long time and people move on to new things. Another reason is that they are often seen as being too casual or sporty, which can be unappealing to some people.

Skechers is also viewed as being less stylish than other brands, which can make them seem dated. They have also had some negative publicity in recent years because of safety concerns with their shoes.

Possible health complications

One of the most obvious facts on why Skechers is hated is because of the health complications some customers have faced because of the brand.

There are many potential health complications associated with wearing Skechers. One such complication is that the shoes may cause you to walk abnormally, which could lead to pain in your feet, ankles, and knees.

Skechers has caused back pain because they are not supportive enough. Wearing Skechers for long periods also leads to foot problems like blisters and calluses.

Sometimes, people have even reported developing plantar fasciitis from wearing these shoes. There is also a concern that Skechers increases the risk of injuries since they are not as supportive as other brands of shoes.

Overall, it is important to be aware of the potential health risks associated with wearing Skechers before deciding whether to purchase the shoe.

They look dull

Skechers is now seen as “the shoes from the 90s”. This is obvious as they look very boring and they don’t live up to the hype.

Skechers is not flashy like other brands. People want to feel fashionable, and Skechers just don’t provide that feeling.

They are also seen as being for older people, which is another reason some young people wouldn’t want to wear them.

They also don’t have any unique features that make them stand out from the rest. Reviewers have concluded them to be overpriced for what you get in terms of quality and design.

They also started reducing the quality of their materials to reduce the price. This has also caused a lot of offensive remarks. They also don’t have a lot of variety in their designs, which makes them seem repetitive and unoriginal.

Overall, Skechers is also hated because they lack the style and flair that other brands offer.

Their shoes lack stability and support

The major problem with Skechers shoes is that they are not stable. This is because their soles are made from very thin materials, which makes them less durable and prone to wear and tear.

Their uppers are often not very well-constructed either, meaning that they can easily come apart or stretch out.

This also means that they can easily slip off your feet, which can be very dangerous when you are walking or running.

In addition, Skechers shoes provide little support, which can lead to pain in your feet and joints, especially when walking or running long distances. Many people hate Skechers for this.

I think that Skechers shoes are not a good option if you’re looking for something stable and supportive.

Poor customer service

Skechers shoes are often known for their lack of exemplary customer service. People have complained about the company’s unhelpful and unprofessional customer service representatives for years.

People have complained about the quality of the shoes, as well as the customer service they received when trying to return or exchange them.

Others say that Skechers doesn’t always honor its warranties. As a result, many people avoid buying Skechers products altogether out of fear that they cannot get help if something goes wrong.

I once ordered a pair of Skechers online and they never arrived. I called customer service, and they said they never received my order, even though it showed up as delivered on the tracking website.

They refused to refund my money or send me a new pair of shoes, so I had to buy another pair from a different company.

Other people have countless stories like this and have had to waste money. This kind of attitude makes people feel like they’re not important to the company and makes them less likely to buy from Skechers in the future.

Sizing issues

Skechers sneakers are too tight and not comfortable

This is because they fay to the foot, which can cause discomfort sometimes. This is also a reason that some people dislike them because they just don’t feel comfortable wearing such tight sneakers on their feet.


I hope you now know the facts behind the hate of customers on Skechers. Skechers has been lacking in products and services and I hope you choose the best shoe brand for you.

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