Why Does Converse Look Better When Dirty

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Many people love Converse shoes because of their versatile and minimalist design. This shoe is a shoe for all classes and ages. 

However, some people are in love with dirty Converse shoes and love wearing them. It may sound new or strange to you, but this style of fashion is not new. 

Although this would’ve been frowned upon in the past, putting on worn-out and dirty Converse has become a part of fashion.

The style of fashion has raised some talk amongst people.

And while some don’t understand why people will choose a dirty shoe over a clean one, others strongly believe Converse shoes look better when dirty.

But, do Converse really look better when dirty?

Why Does Converse Look Better When Dirty

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Major Reasons Converse Looks Better When Dirty?

There are many reasons why dirty Converse shoes look better and it all depends on the wearer and what they’re after.

Probably it’s the same kind of feeling one gets with wearing torn jeans known as crazy jeans. 

This dirty Converse fashion has been accepted by many who are rocking it on the streets. And perhaps one of the reasons many people believe they’re better is the vintage look it gives. 

Also, the feeling of satisfaction people get, the need to create fashion impressions and the fact that stains are the least of their problems is all part of it.

However, a dirty look doesn’t mean “trashed” or filled with an odor that could cause infection.

Let’s explore the major reasons and more why dirty and worn-out Converse looks better below:

It Provides a Vintage Appearance

There’s something about wearing a vintage look that many people are crazy about.

For instance, some persons intentionally look for ways to buy distressed leather shoes while others find ways to create that look themselves.

Also, some people believe that sneakers should be well-worn and a dirty look gives the feeling that it has been there forever. 

And that’s why the Converse company is creating and selling these dirty Converse shoes because many believe that’s one way to achieve that vintage appearance.

Many sneakers and shoes including the Converse shoes need a break-in period and a dirty and worn-out look gives the feeling that it’s well broken-in.

You don’t get that feeling with a pair of new Converse or a Converse that’s always clean.

If you want a vintage character for your shoes, then a dirty Converse is one way to achieve that.

It Provides a Feeling Of Satisfaction

The feeling of fulfillment is another reason many people love the dirty Converse look.

There’s nothing cooler than wanting to achieve something and coming through; it provides a satisfying feeling.

This is the feeling people get with owning a pair of worn-out and dirty Converse shoes. 

Some people believe that since wear, dirt, and marks are bound to happen with their shoes, then there’s no need to worry about them. 

And that’s why some never get to wash their Converse shoes. That dirty, worn-out look they keep seeing provides an inexplicable feeling of fulfillment.

In fact, some people keep the Converse they’ve owned for ages just to get that feeling of satisfaction.

It doesn’t stop at creating an antique collection, it’s the fulfillment one gets at doing that, and a dirty look for your Converse shoe is one way to achieve that.

Creating a Fashion Impression

Another reason dirty Converse shoes look better is the strong fashion statement it creates.

When this fashion started much like the crazy jean show, anyone wearing it then would’ve been stared at like he was mad.

But, because of the fashion statement the wearer intended to create, a dirty Converse has now become a part of fashion.

Moreover, shows have been created where people were allowed to show in their dirty Converse shoes.

There’s something about creating your own style in fashion and that’s what people set out to achieve when they set out on a pair of dirty worn-out Converse.

Of course, out of fashion is fashion and sticking to your style is also fashion.

Many people are now putting on dirty Converse shoes because they believe they’re leaving a strong fashion message that Converse shoes should never be washed.

No wonder, the Converse brand is making it easier for those who wish to rock this dirty and worn-out look by creating a dirty Converse for its customers.

Stains Are the Least of Your Worries

Another reason a Converse shoe looks better with a dirty look is that it gives you less worry about stains and dirt.

With the dirt on it, what’s the bother with getting more stains on them? 

During the wet season especially, many people tend to embrace the dirty Converse fashion as they don’t need to worry about walking through wet grasses and mud. 

Many people are keeping both a clean pair of Converse and a dirty pair.

Those who embrace only a clean pair of Converse will agree that wearing them during the rainy season is not a nice idea. 

So, many are owning two pairs; a clean and a dirty one, so they can wear the clean one during the dry season and the dirty one during the winter.

In addition, dirty Converse shoes are a nice choice for dirty jobs, so you don’t have to worry about grease stains and all.

How To Get Your Converse Shoe Dirty?

Why Does Converse Look Better When Dirty

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If you love the dirty look on Converse shoes and the vintage style it gives, then it’s about time you create your own dirty look.

Mind you, Converse is selling these dirty wash shoes, and the price is a whopping £70-85£ which is £15-£25 more than the clean pair.

So, you can create this vintage look yourself with your old Converse shoes or your new pair. Below are ways to get your Converse dirty:

Don’t Wash Your Converse Shoes

The essence of washing something is to get the dirt off it, so if you want the dirty look on your Converse, then you should never wash them.

This may seem like an unhygienic lifestyle, but there’s a way to go about it.

Remember, I earlier stated that dirty doesn’t mean trashed or odor-filled. So, not washing your Converse doesn’t mean you should let it become filled with odor.

Therefore, whenever you step out in your Converse shoes, loosen the lacing at the end of the day and open the tongue widely and air them to chase any odor.

You can go as far as using a damp cloth to wipe out the inside to remove any germs that may settle in.

Also, if the sole of your shoe becomes caked with dirt, not washing doesn’t mean you should let it remain so.

The idea is to give it the dirty look and not to make it look like they belong in the waste bin.

So, remove large smudges of dirt and mud around the toe and sole. But don’t throw in the machine.

Walk Through Dirt

You want to get your Converse dirty, right? Then be intentional about doing so.

Walking through the dirt and mud will help you achieve a natural dirty look.

Step out, particularly during the rainy season in your All-stars for work, and get dirt on them.

Then after the close of the day, ensure you dry them out, of course without washing them.

Also, during the summer, you can be particular about walking through dusty areas to get the dust on your shoes. 

Smear With Stains

You can also achieve this dirty look for your Converse at home especially for your new shoes if you don’t want to wait till you walk in the dirt.

Follow the steps below to get your Converse dirty at home:

  • Mix a handful of dirt or mud with water in a bowl
  • Take your clean pair of Converse shoes and soak them in the mixture for two hours or more
  • Untie the laces and soak also
  • Remove shoes and dry out in the sun. Drying in the sun will aid in giving it the worn-out look.
  • Before drying your shoes, you can use a small brush, like a toothbrush, and scrub the surface of your Converse shoes to blend in the dirt evenly. 
  • You can also use a marker or paint and put some designs on your shoes wherever you want.

Wear Frequently

Another natural way to get your Converse shoes dirty is by wearing them regularly. This will make them wear out quickly with dirt and scrapes.

You can own a pair that you can wear thrice a week, either to work or for casual gatherings.

Doing so regularly will give your Converse shoe a dirty look in no time. 

Scrape With Sandpaper or a Brush

You can rub the surface with sandpaper or a brush to give your Converse a faded and worn-out look.

Do this after walking through the dirt so they look dirty and faded. This will give you the vintage style you desire. 

How Long Should You Keep Converse?

You can keep your Converse shoes as long as you want depending on what you’re after.

With frequent and everyday wear, your Converse shoe should last between 18-24 months. And with less frequent use, it should last well more than that.

Many people who are after a vintage look tend to keep their Converse shoes for a long time until it’s no longer good for use.

Typically, Converse are durable shoes and so depending on the user, the lifespan can vary.

Converse shoes were first created as sports shoes and can take in some hard-wearing. With intense use, a Converse shoe can last for about 12 months.

However, those who use them as casual footwear can keep them more than those who use them for sport as they will last longer.

So, you can keep your Converse shoes as long as you want by reducing the frequent wear. And if you like the worn-out look, you should keep it longer.

Does Black Converse Fade in Wash?

Yes, black Converse shoes fade in the wash. Converse advises against washing your shoes in the washer as the washer can wear it out, including bleeding the colors.

The material used in making black Converse is susceptible to fading. So, frequently washing your black Converse in the washer will make the color fade. 

To keep your black Converse from fading, carefully wash them. Handwashing is much safer, and you should do spot cleaning more frequently.

Also, avoid using the dryer to dry your black Converse or drying it in direct sunlight. This will also cause fading. 

However, some people like the faded look of their Converse to get a worn-out and vintage appearance.

So, if you need the faded look of your Converse shoes, you can wash them in the washer for some time until you’ve got what you need.

You can also use sandpaper to scuff your black Converse to achieve a quicker result.


Converse looks better when dirty because of the vintage appearance it gives.

For some people, wearing a dirty and worn-out Converse gives them a feeling of satisfaction.

Also, it helps create a fashion statement. To get your Converse dirty, you can wear it frequently, walk in dirt, smear it with stains, and never wash your shoes.

However, that’s not to say you should keep them smelling.

A smelling shoe can keep germs that are unhealthy for your feet and your health.


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