Winter Blundstone Vs Regular

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The major difference between these Blundstone boots is that the Winter Blundstone boot is highly insulated more than the Regular Blundstone boot.

The Regular Blundstone is mostly worn for fashion and other casual occasions while the Winter Blundstone is mostly worn for the winter season. 

When it comes to warmth, the Winter Blundstone is the best but when it comes to fashion and sturdiness, the Regular Blundstone would be perfect.

Let’s get to know more about these two models of Blundstone boot. 

The First Glance At Each

I love to work in snow and what other boots can make me comfortable in deep snow other than Winter Blundstone?

I’ve also had the Regular Blundstone for years. These boots are amazing and I would like to share the experience I had with them. 

Winter Blundstone

  • Rubber sole
  • Thinsulate 
  • Traction
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable 

This boot is super comfy and also stylish if you ask me. It is the best winter boot I’ve ever had. It holds me perfectly in deep snow. 

It is very convenient and warm. It features the Thinsulate and insoles made out of genuine sheepskin to make the boot warm and cozy thereby getting you through the cold. 

This boot features the best traction that can take you through icy days. This boot is both breathable and waterproof. 

It’s an all-season boot made of leather that is fully waterproof and also with sealed seams. These boots resist water penetration and still keep my feet warm and dry throughout the day. 

The boot has an all-weather feature. This boot is the only type of Blundstone boot that is insulated, you’ll need to put on thick socks for extra insulation. 

It has a unique rubber sole that is slip-resistant. The sheepskin insole helps to wick moisture and at the same time put a layer of warmth. 

It features pull loops for better leverage. I am mostly outside, so this boot is the best boot for me. I wear them while hiking and as well to trek through the snow. 

Regular Blundstone

  • Rubber sole
  • Removable insole
  • Pull tabs
  • Soft leather 
  • Durable 

This boot is kind of similar to the Winter Blundstone. It is made of a soft leather upper.

 It features a rubber sole also. The sole is made of polyurethane for exceptional shock absorption. 

It incorporates a removable XRD insole that is multi-fit. It is very durable and comfortable. 

It features a wide fit which allows your toes to move freely. The boots are very easy to put on with the help of two elastics and iconic pull tabs. 

It has a squared-off toe which gives it an elevated look.

The Comparison Between Winter Blundstone And Regular

These boots will be compared side by side using the technical features below;

Features Winter Blundstone Regular 
Outsole TPU soleRubber sole –TPR
InsoleSheepskin woolRemovable XRD insole
Uppers Waterproof nubuck leatherSoft leather upper
Insulation Thinsulate insulationNo insulation but made of leather
Purpose For winterFor everyday wear
Warmth Very warmNot very warm
Water proof100% waterproof Not 100% waterproof


Winter Blundstone Vs Regular

The sole of the Winter Blundstone boot is made of TPU. The TPU sole is made of thermoplastic polyurethane. It makes the Winter Blundstone very sturdy and durable. 

The Winter Blundstone boot is resistant to oil and even chemicals.

The picture below shows that the boot has bumps and ridges, this feature makes the boot perfect on ice. 

A boot with a flat sole makes the ground very slippery, especially on ice. No one would like to slip or fall while working on icy streets or trails. 

The Regular Blundstone boot is made of rubber sole. It features a TPR sole which is sometimes called Thermoplastic rubber. 

It helps to minimize fatigue and other orthopedic issues. The sole offers excellent traction and grip on slippery surfaces. 

The Regular Blundstone boot sole cannot be replaced or repaired. 


Winter Blundstone boot insole is made of sheepskin wool. It would keep your feet warm and make it feel nice inside. 

Amazingly, this boot has a warm insole incorporated into it. This sheepskin insole helps to snuggle up the fit of the boot and also to increase warmth.

It helps absorb 33% shock that you would normally have. The insoles of the Regular Blundstone boot are removable and very comfortable. 

They don’t have sheepskin wool like the Winter Blundstone which will naturally keep your feet warm.

The good thing is that you can buy sheepskin wool insole for it. Some time ago, before I got the Winter Blundstone, I do use my Regular Blundstone during winter. 

It wasn’t so bad, the only thing I had to do was to get thick wool socks or extra insoles that are capable of keeping me warm.

Most times, my thick wool socks keep me warm better than its insole which I got, it feels cozy and very comfortable and so I get 3 different pairs with different colors and later got a sheepskin wool insole.


The Winter Blundstone boot features waterproof nubuck leather. This leather is thick. It is made with traditional full-grain leather. 

The upper of the Regular Blundstone boot is made of soft leather. This leather is called Greasy kip leather. This leather is beautiful and supple. 

The leather is full grain. It is the toughest leather you can get. It makes the boot water repellent and as well breathable.


Winter Blundstone Vs Regular

The Winter Blundstone is highly insulated to offer you maximum warmth. The Winter Blundstone boot is insulated using the Thinsulate. 

This Thinsulate helps to keep your feet warm. The Winter Blundstone boot has about 200 grams to keep you cozy.

The most important job of this winter boot is to keep your feet warm and dry at all times.

This boot is made of premium waterproof leather which is lined with Thinsulate and also features a removable insole made of sheepskin, all these to give you a good amount of warmth.

The Regular Blundstone boots do not have any insulation but it is made of leather. 

They are not insulated so they do not provide extra warmth. It features a thin fleece liner. Though, it can keep your feet dry through the snow. 

It is made of regular leather, which may not help during the cold.

This is the reason why you have to put on thick wool socks if you would need to wear this boot during winter. It is crafted using a single piece of 2.5mm leather which is weather resistant. 


The Winter Blunstone boots are usually worn during winter to keep the feet warm and comfortable. If you usually have cold feet, you should get this model of Blundstone. 

Moreover, snow is expected during winter and you would need to put on winter boots that are a bit tall. This will keep your feet warm while you wander in deep snow. 

This Winter Blundstone is the best for winter as they do reach an inch or so above your ankle. This will also help keep the snow from getting into your boot. 

It will provide stability while you walk. This boot will keep your toe safe from any foot disease and cold that might be caused as a result of the harsh weather and make you ready for winter. 

If you live in a place where the temperature ranges from 10 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, then you should be on your way to the store right now to get this boot. 

The Regular is perfect for everyday wear. People mostly wear it for fashion and casual occasions. 

They’re on trend right now and if you look around you’ll see people wearing them for one purpose or the other.

It can be worn for hiking, working in the snow, outings, an evening stroll, or even for dinner. 

These boots are not designed for winter but they can still serve the purpose too.

I own a pair of the 550 Blundstone boot which serves me well when I go for casual outings and hiking.

Before I got the Winter Blundstone boots, my 550 served as my winter boot. 

What I usually do is get an extra pair of insoles and thick wool socks.

This is because my Regular boot does not give me the certain amount of warmth I need during winter. 


Winter Blundstone Vs Regular

The Winter Blundstone is very warm. The colder the temperature gets, the more your feet demand a boot that is warm, cozy, and solid. 

The only Blundstone boot that can give you the 100% warmth you need during the cold season is the Winter Blundstone boot.

The Regular Blundstone is not as warm as the Winter Blundstone.

If you would like to put on your Regular Blundstone for the winter season, then you have to get a sheepskin footbed or thick wool socks to help keep your foot warm all day long. 


The Winter Blundstone is 100% waterproof. This is due to the harsh weather condition during winter which might be a threat to the well-being of your feet. 

The winter Blundstone boot incorporates a waterproof material called Gore-Tex. It can also use rubber as its waterproof material.

Due to the way the boot was made, water cannot penetrate the boot.  

The Regular Blundstone is not 100% waterproof like the Winter Blundstone.

If you would like to wear your Regular Blundstone during winter, you may need to waterproof them using Blundstone waterproofing spray.

Also, add a sheepskin footbed to keep your toes nice and warm.

Why should you buy Winter Blundstone?

 It is stylish, waterproof, and warm. I would recommend Winter Blundstone to anyone looking for a pair of winter boots that can take you through the year during the coldest season.

This boot is perfect for urban users and those that like to work in deep snow. This boot is 100% waterproof and will keep you very warm and cozy all day long.

With this boot, you do not need to put on thick socks to feel warm. The boot is weather resistant and comfortable too. 

Its pull tabs allow you to put it on and take it off with ease. It is a versatile boot and very fashionable. It comes in several colors like rustic black, rustic brown, and rustic brown in square toe.

Blundstone winter boot

Winter Blundstone Vs Regular

Blundstone thermal 1465 boot

Winter Blundstone Vs Regular

Blundstone winter boot

Winter Blundstone Vs Regular

Why should you buy Regular Blundstone boot

These Regular boots are versatile and quite comfortable. It is both dressy and chunky.

It has a good grip and it is perfect for everyday wear as it can be your surest work boot. 

This boot is very fashionable to wear. It combines wearability, comfort, and a classic look. The quality of this boot can stand the test of time.

If you’re looking for a boot to wear all year round without really needing to use them for hiking or other tough outdoor activities, then you should get this boot as it would serve the exact purpose.

These boots are available on Amazon at very affordable prices, you can get yours as soon as possible.  

Blundstone 550 boot

Winter Blundstone Vs Regular

Blundstone 1671 boot

Winter Blundstone Vs Regular

Blundstone round toe boot

Winter Blundstone Vs Regular


It’s a bit hard to decipher which Blundstone model is the best. All I would say is that each of these boots is perfect in its way. 

The Winter Blundstone boot is best for Winter as it can keep you warm and cozy all day long.

The Regular Blundstone boot is versatile and mostly worn as a fashionable boot. 

Although, if you want to wear it for winter, you should have thick socks or sheepskin insole. Both boots are amazing boots that would serve good purposes.


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