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Wolverine and Ariat are two strongholds in the business of footwear production. These two brands combine special effects and different cultural adoptions to manufacture boots that appeal to a wide range of people.

Their products have been proven to be the perfect match for the different areas where they are predominant. However, amid all the interesting features of these two brands of boots, some differences distinguish and similarities that connect them.

These factors often lead to arguments about the better choice of boots between Wolverine and Ariat boots. This article offers a detailed analysis of how the Wolverine and Ariat boots compare.

Differences between the Wolverine Boots and Ariat Boots

The chief difference between the Wolverine boots and those from the Ariat brand is in their target audience. While the Wolverine boots are intended to majorly serve work men and women, the Ariat boots are intended for equestrian athletes.

A close look at the aesthetics of Wolverine boots shows that it is built to withstand tough conditions, speaking volumes of sturdiness and ruggedness.

Conversely, equestrian athletics were had in mind by the producers of the Ariat boots, meaning that the western-inspired boot style is the flagship boot among all Ariat boots.

Most of the boots in the Ariat store reflect a culture deeply rooted in the Western and English styles of horse riding.

Furthermore, style is another distinction between these two different boots because the Ariat brand infuses more stylistic inventory into their boots than the Wolverine brand, whose attention is more fixated on developing stronger and extremely durable work boots.

The Wolverine boots differ from Ariat boots in terms of market value. While two of them are both on the higher end, Ariat boots are slightly priced above Wolverine boots.

The price difference ranges from $30-$50 in most cases, with Ariat boots maintaining a top spot over their counterpart.

Overview of Wolverine Boots

Wolverine Boots vs Ariat

A short history of Wolverine boots is a big step in giving an overview of them. Wolverine boots are produced by Wolverine World Wide Inc., an American footwear, clothing, and accessories company.

The company which started with boot production was founded in 1883 by Fredrick Hirth and G. A. Klaus. The company started as a small leather shop which the duo bought in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

With the advancement of time, the right plans, and strategies, the company rose to the limelight, recording one of its huge breakthroughs from 1916-1923, with a major increase up to 700%.

The company which was running under the moniker of Wolverine Shoe and Tanning Corporation changed its name to Wolverine World Wide Inc., signaling the dawn of a new advancement in its path.

Wolverine World Inc., which was built upon the foundation of producing durable and sturdy boots for workers, took a great leap in its production with the unveiling of the Wolverine 1000 miles boots. This boot is their original pair of boots, which gave rise to another.

Wolverine Boots vs Ariat

Wolverine boots are produced with a type of lather material with an in-built resistance against elements. These boots are your typical work boots with designs that support maximum impact absorption during work and any other situations.

They are rugged, efficient, sturdy, comfortable, and fairly lightweight. You will enjoy stability and flexibility with the Wolverine boots because they are built to take you for long hours a day.

The best part is that they are worth their price. You don’t have to worry about spending less on fewer quality boots when you can get top-quality boots at a reasonable price.


  • Made with full-grain leather upper.
  • Very durable.
  • Comfortable, sleek design.
  • Anti-skid feature with great traction
  • Rugged work boots.
  • Breathable/ waterproof.


  • Hard to break in.
  • Difficult lace-up structure.
  • Slightly on the higher end.
  • Slightly runs big.

Brief Overview of Ariat Boots

Wolverine Boots vs Ariat

Ariat boots wouldn’t have been in existence without the creative mind of Beth Cross. The boots are made by the Ariat International company, footwear, and other clothing-related item brands are based in the US.

The Ariat boots are the flagship footwear merchandise of the company, founded by creative designer Beth Cross and partner Pam Parker in 1993.

The brand of boots was born out of a quest to provide footwear with a spice of the western lifestyle and proper athletic fashion.

The product of this inventory is the Ariat boots, becoming ‘The New Breed of Boots’ in America and the whole world at large.

The creativity behind the creation of Ariat boots fuses the equestrian culture and athleticism, which the company prides itself on as the first to achieve such a feat.

However, Beth got the inspiration to create something abstract but innovative while working as a consultant for Bain & Company and consulting for Reebok.

He teamed up with Pam Parker and released its first branded shoes in 1993, leading to the birth of an iconic shoe collection.

Wolverine Boots vs Ariat

They primarily designed Ariat boots for outdoor activities, usually bordering on the equestrian lifestyle, as it is prevalent amongst ranch horse riders and those whose style is western.

They make these boots with patented Duratread outsoles for better floor grip, and Advanced Torque Stability Technology(ATC) for more foot cushioning and comfort.

Ariat covers a wider range of boots options like boots for hiking and work boots but is known for its equestrian boots. These boots are super comfortable with designs that picture the retro culture while giving you a dosage of trends all mixed.


  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Classic and timeless design.
  • Flattering style.
  • Wide variety of boots, both equestrian, work boots, and fashionable boots.


  • Uneven anti-skid feature.
  • On the higher end.
  • Sizing difficulty.
  • Sole detachment.

Head-to-Head Comparison of Wolverine and Ariat Boots

Wolverine Boots vs Ariat

The preceding texts of this article will extensively deal with the comparison of the Wolverine and Ariat Boots. These two boots are good, above average, and are also priced high, but you will get a more definitive view of the two of them if I place them on a comparative scale.

I will put them up against each other and help you draw a conclusion on which of them deserves your dollar more. I will compare the Wolverine and Ariat boots on the following basis.

Build Quality

The production standard used in these two boots is high, primarily because they are coming from high-end brands and secondarily because of their target customers.

I particularly concentrated on the factor of build quality on the Wolverine boots, which are essentially work boots, and do not fall short of expectations.

They are made with keen attention to their function, which is to provide adequate foot support to workers either on oil rigs, mechanical establishments, or field workers. Its rugged silhouette confirms a high build quality aimed at providing highly durable boots.

The same factor plays out with the Ariat boots but is not highly advocated. The Ariat boots are staples for making a retro fashion statement, inspired by western culture.

Though the boots were developed for equestrian athletes and are of a high standard, it does not match up with the Wolverine boots in build quality.

The Ariat boots offer more cushioning than durability, and it gets worse with the outsourcing of most of their boots to Asian factories where the cost of production is low.


The market value of both Wolverine and Ariat boots is high, placing them under the grouping of high-end boots.

The average price of the Wolverine boots starts at $120, while it can go up as high as $200-$350. Still, Ariat boots are priced higher, with an average starting price of $140-$150 and go up as high as $250-$400.

The price of these boots is understandable due to the use of quality leather and durable outsoles in the production.

The various rigorous and careful production processes, from cutting and design to welting, all add up to the high standard of the boots, hence their exorbitant price.

Design and Style

Most of the work boots I know and have worn have a basic design lounged in the usual rugged, sturdy, and fairly fashionable aesthetic.

The Wolverine boots body these features with so much detail as it has a simple design synonymous with other work boots, but stands out as a better staple due to its build quality and striking doggedness.

Wolverine Boots vs Ariat

The boots feature a leather upper with polyurethane soles, with either a steel or composite toe design to complete the rugged appeal of the boots.

If you are looking for boots that will get you on any day, anytime, without falling out, then Wolverine boots are your best bet.

In contrast, Ariat boots are stylish, having the ‘designer’ silhouette that singles them out amid other boots.

Wolverine Boots vs Ariat

The embellishments on the upper body, embroidered details, and ranch-inspired aesthetic all add to the beautiful artwork done with the production of these boots.

Aside from the intentional equestrian athletic function that this boot offers, you can make a resounding fashion statement with them on formal functions.


Leather is the predominant material used in the production of these two boots. While most of the Ariat boots feature a leather upper and sole, most of the boots from Wolverine take a leather upper and either a leather, polyurethane, or any other synthetic sole material.

The choice of sole material for Wolverine is reflective of the purpose of the boots and the type of terrain they made it for.

The leather used in these boots is breathable, and also water resistant, keeping your feet warm, fresh, and movable.


Drawing the line in terms of which boot is more durable is a very hard decision to make because they make these two boots last.

Notwithstanding their difference in function, the Wolverine and Ariat boots are durable and stick around more than other boots with a lower price tag on them. However, one brand has to take the credit and the Wolverine brand of boots takes it.

The intent behind this decision is due to their experience and commitment of over 100 years in the production of shoes. Not only that, these boots have maintained their standard over the years.

Fit and Function

The Wolverine boots run a bit big, which means that you should consider ordering a size down. With time, the boots take the form of your feet and balance, being more comfortable and fitting.

The same rule applies to the Ariat boots, especially their western boots, which are naturally built big.

Wolverine boots are mainly for work, I know them for withstanding the roughest of conditions. If you are a working man or woman, you might want to equip yourself with these great boots.

Conversely, horse-riding and ranch overview can’t get any better with Ariat boots, as they are the perfect pair for equestrian athletics.

Final Verdict

My final verdict is in favor of Wolverine boots. I would easily go for the Ariat boots due to their wide ranch of bootie options, but I’m a working person and I understand the importance of having sturdy boots that won’t fail you in any aspect.

The Ariat boots are good, but they can hardly withstand an equal pressure placed on the Wolverine boots.

To my advantage, the Wolverine boots are slightly priced low than the Ariats boots, so I save more while getting more value.

My verdict, which favors the Wolverine boots, does not cloud your personal view as I picked based on my present taste and budget, so you can still beg to differ.


Boots are now an essential fashion staple for both men and women. Whether work boots or dress boots, the bottom line of having boots is the level of support and protection that you get when wearing them.

The Wolverine and Ariat brands of boots have been serving boot lovers with quality boots of timeless designs for decades, and their approach has continued to evolve with the present need and trend.

This article offers nothing less than a pointer in making a purchasing choice between these two boots.


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