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The Adidas Yeezy Slide has become one of the most well-liked and comfortable slides since its 2020 release. Adidas and Kanye West’s Yeezy brand published the slides in multiple colors to accommodate various designs and preferences. “Pure” and “Bone” are two of the most popular color options for the Yeezy Slide.

While the Pure and Bone colors may appear similar at first sight, prospective buyers should consider their key differences. This blog will explore the features and materials of the Yeezy Slides and compare the Pure and Bone colors to help you determine which option best suits your requirements and aesthetic preferences.

Features and Materials of Yeezy Slides

The Adidas Yeezy Slide has a simple and effective design. The comfort and fit of the Yeezy Slides are a result of its EVA foam construction. The foam conforms flawlessly to the foot’s shape, enveloping it securely but not too tightly. This function enables the weight to be adequately distributed across the sole.

The open-toe design also enables the foot to breathe naturally without feeling restricted. The molded foam and breathable design create an incredibly comfortable slide for extended periods, whether reclining at home or engaging in daily activities.

The comfort and fit of the Yeezy Slides come from its ergonomic design and EVA foam material. Moreover, EVA foam is lightweight and breathable, which creates a custom fit that is cushioned and comfortable with each step. The material is also extremely resilient, retaining its form wash after wash.

Yeezy Slides Color Options: Pros and Cons

Pure Yeezy Slides: A Closer Look


  • The brilliant white color is extremely versatile, complementing most wardrobes.
  • White appears spotless and fresh.
  • The shoe has minimal possibility of color transfer or staining.


  • With time, it becomes more difficult to maintain pristine whiteness.
  • Any grime or scuffs will be more evident.

Bone Yeezy Slides: A Closer Look


  • The off-white hue makes the slides appear more subtle and muted.
  • The hue bone is neutral and complements many outfits.
  • A slightly creamier hue helps conceal minor grime or discoloration.


  • It has a less versatile color than the bright white Pure option.
  • Off-white may not complement certain vibrant hues well.

Now that we’ve understood the Yeezy Slides color options: pros and cons, let’s explore how you can style your Pure and Bone variants.

Styling Options

Pure Yeezy Slides Styling 

  • Streetwear

The vibrant white Pure slides stand out when worn with dark streetwear items such as black or blue denim, joggers, or shorts. They may complement athleisure outfits that include graphic tees or sweatshirts. The combination of white slides with dark shirts and bottoms makes a bold fashion statement. 

  • Casual  

Pair the Pure slides with light-washed denim, linen trousers, chino shorts, or sundresses for a polished yet laid-back summertime appearance. The color white contrasts well with paler fabrics and hues. To tie everything together, wear an all-white or mostly-white outfit.

Bone Yeezy Slides Styling

  • Athleisure

The subtle off-white hue of the Bone slides pairs well with active outfits, matching leggings and sports bras, or joggers and graphic t-shirts. The neutral hue of the shoes does not compete with or steal the spotlight from colorful athleisure pieces.

  • Streetwear

The Bone slides serve as a foundation that unifies everything, incorporating light and dark colors. Combine the shoes with distressed denim, graphic hoodies, and baseball headwear for a stylish street-style look. Their low-key tone also complements monochromatic black or gray outfits.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Yeezy Slides in Pure vs. Bone

  • Style Preference

Personal design preference is essential when deciding between the Pure and Bone colors. The Pure delivers an eye-catching, high-contrast, bright white. The shoes enable the simple design of the slides to shine. However, the Bone offers a more subdued and understated appearance that some may find more relaxed and aesthetic. Consider whether you favor bright white pops or softer neutral tones.

  • Level of Maintenance

Another essential factor when choosing between Yeezy Slide colors: Pure vs. Bone, is the required maintenance. The Pure color reveals dirt and scuffs more prominently on its brilliant white surface than other colors. Owners must be diligent in maintaining the Pure’s pristine condition. Comparatively, minor blemishes may be less evident in the Bone color. Those desiring minimal maintenance may discover that the Bone requires fewer touch-ups.

  • Versatility of Outfit Pairings

The versatility of various outfit pairings is another factor in choosing between Yeezy Slide colors: Pure vs. Bone. Due to the white’s high contrast, the Pure color can merge with a wider variety of outfits. However, the neutral color of the Bone enables it to complement a wide range of casual styles. Evaluate the outfit you wear most frequently to determine which color of the shoes is most complementary.

  • Resale Value

When choosing between the Yeezy Slide colors: Pure vs. Bone, you must consider the resale value of the two options. The high-contrast Pure retains its value more effectively over time since white’s eye-catching pop remains trendy. On the other hand, subdued neutral tones, such as Bone, risk going out of style in the future. Those seeking investment shoes should prefer Pure’s timeless allure and value retention.

  • Statement Factor

For those wanting their Yeezy Slides to make a statement, the bold white Pure is likely the better choice when choosing between Yeezy Slide colors: Pure vs. Bone. Conversely, the Bone’s neutral hue enables it to merge into the background more effectively. Consider whether you want your slides to merge in with the blend or stand out.

  • Versatility of Use

The Pure color option may restrict versatility more than the Bone option. While bright white is classic, it may be more susceptible to stains and traces from outdoor activities such as hiking and sports. The Bone is more forgiving when worn during messier situations. Bone’s understated appearance may appeal to those searching for a versatile slide.

Final Thoughts

Whether the Pure or Bone Yeezy slides are better depends on personal preferences and requirements. The Pure shoes have a white design with a high contrast that appears pristine but may show dirt or scuffs more readily over time. Extra maintenance is required to preserve its pristine appearance.

On the other hand, the Bone color features a subtle off-white hue that offers an undertone yet adaptable aesthetic. The creamier tone of the shoes also helps conceal minor blemishes caused by daily use. Consider desired aesthetics, intended ensembles, maintenance requirements, and desired durability. 

After understanding the Yeezy Slides color options: pros and cons, you may decide which popular Yeezy Slide shoes color best suits your lifestyle and fashion sensibilities.

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